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Gotha Go 244 Italeri 1/72

August 12, 2018 · in Aviation · · 13 Comments

Hi folks, it´s been a long time but life went some other way, anyhow, i managed to finish this kit you all know of, because of its age.
It was built OOB, painted with model master enamels throughout, and varnished with alclad LS.
Decals and chosen version are as supplied by italeri, so nothing special, and here are a few photos i would like to share with you.
Cheers till next time, and i hope i will finish another kit this year, but that would be some time around Christmas, hah.

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13 responses

  1. Looks like it was 'worth the wait'...excellent job, sir.

  2. Brilliant job Vedran, I have just finished building both the Horsa and Hotspur gliders and am planning on adding an American Waco and one of these but the glider version obviously maybe even a Gigant as well so your build has given me some inspiration .Does your boxing come with both versions?

    • Both versions of Gotha? yes, it is 242/244 version, all italeris are the same, and when you mentioned Gigant, i have that one waiting in the stash, god only knows when, or if i will build it, hah, it is a nice kit though, big and all.

  3. Now this is a really cool looking build... I can't recall ever seeing one completed. Well done. The "Kubelwagen" is a nice touch. It gives you a scale reference for the actual size of the real plane.

    • There are some builds of this kit on the net, but of course it is only this one, Italeri, i don´t know if there´s another kit of this plane out there, maybe some vacform?

  4. Looks good Vedran, well done.

  5. Nice job Vedran, the Kubelwagen is a nice touch as well. Small little bugger isn't it? As Louis mentioned I don't believe I've ever see the kit or one completed. Good job on an unusual subject.

    • Thanks for comment, Kubel even got better than i expected, the whole kit is rather good for its age.
      It isn´t the most popular subject obviously, but i have seen some of them built, rather few though.

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    said on August 13, 2018

    Nice job.

  7. Nice clean and sharp build of a unique subject. Nice addition!

  8. I like it! I recently picked up one of these for my stash, and wondered whether to go with the 242 or 244 version. I think I like it powered, now that I've seen one built up! Thanks for posting.

  9. Very nice! Love the tarmac.

  10. Very nice build Vedran! A subject you don't see that often build. Nice display with the Kübelwagen.

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