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Frog 1/72 Fairey Barracuda Mk. II

June 11, 2019 · in Aviation · · 33 · 5.5K

This was a project that started as "I'll just do a little clean-up on this old kit," and turned into a major project. I'm only posting the finished project pics here, but for details, especially the interior construction, you can see the WIP thread here:

Rather than post a full narrative, I'm going to try to use the new photo editing capabilities to indicate the improvements made.

This ended up being one of my favorite projects in a long time. Lots of details in so small a package, and I was really happy with the way the paint and weathering - especially the final oil filtering and fading - turned out.

These three pics highlight most of the detailed work:

The interior build out included all the bulkheads, IP panels, fire extinguisher, pilots headreast, radio, observer and seat. The vickers gun was built up from a simple piece I found in the spares box, with the magazines being fashioned from engine trolly wheels from an F-14 kit, and the swiveling gun mount being constructed from a couple of sections of landing gear legs plus wire.

The raft release lanyard was a thinned strip of tape meant to mask curves, with the red strips being pieces of painted Tamiya-type tape. Aerial line is Uschi line.

Decals were for Pacific Fleet Barracudas, and some of the stencils were from the spares box (don't read too closely - they were for modern aircraft, but they were the right shape!).

This one was also hand-painted - just getting my spray booth set up in my sons room (with permission), so will soon bite that bullet. Used Vallejo paints, a water based panel wash in grey for underside and black for top. Pastel chalk powers for some post-shading and dirtying up, then oils for final dirty details around panels, traffic areas, fluid stains and an overall top side fading. I also used oils to get a wood-grain appearance on the M.A.T. air tail on the torpedo - I like the result (found a tutorial on how to do it), though I wish I'd gone with a slightly more ply-wood tint to the color. Chipping was a little bit of silver pencil - mostly on the prop - and MM metalizer paint around panel lines and walk areas.

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  1. You made a fine job from this old kit Greg. Looks great in those PTO colours

  2. Wow this is an oldie Greg, great work!

  3. Fabulous build Greg, your weathering is excellent!

  4. wonderful job that airframe too

  5. Outstanding work on this, Greg...VERY nice presentation !

  6. Inspiring build of a classic, colors look great!

  7. Greg, this one made me smile inside. Fifty-three years ago, when I was nine, a friend and I attended a park district model building workshop. Kits were supplied with most being Frog and Airfix. I built the Gannet and my friend got the Barracuda. He was not altogether pleased.

    You achieved the proverbial silk purse with your build. This and Peter’s Gladiator build have inspired me to rescue my Heller Hurricane hanger-queen.

  8. Your Barracuda looks fantastic Greg ! It's hard to imagine all of the tiny little scratch built upgrade details that you added, but they all work together and make it a masterpiece.

    Looking at this build, it makes me want to build up an FAA Corsair and Hellcat ...or two of each. This is something I have been wanting to do for a long while now, but for some reason it just never happens.

    I really like the colors that you used on this build... it also has your "patent pending"'s hard to believe this is a 1/72 scale kit, much less an older one.

  9. Beautiful work. The Barracuda never get's the attention that the Avenger does but it's a visually exciting machine to model.

  10. Great model of a Barracuda. It's a shame there is not a complete airframe left. Although saying that, I believe the Fleet Air Arm Museum are putting one together.

  11. Looks great, Greg. Nice job.

  12. Wow, fantastic build Greg

  13. It's always a pleasure to see (good) old kits turned in superb models like this one, especially when the subject is a less known type. In your representation, the "ugly" Barracuda looks appealing, well done!

    • @pjotri69 - On the ground these things look a bit like an albatross, especially with their wings folded. But get it up in the air where it belongs and it has a sense of purposeful beauty about it. Distinct with those flaps, big maw, boxy fuselage with shoulder wing, and long greenhouse on top! Hang something deadly beneath it, and I think it lives up to its name!

  14. Nice, Greg! That’s one of my favorite planes. The amount of care you put into this is phenomenal.

  15. Amazing level of detail in that small kit! Well done!

  16. Really great job Greg!

  17. You can tell a ‘Kittinger kit’; 1/72, wheels up, dynamic pose, trademark base, and attention to detail. You’d know this was your work before seeing the name, and I think that’s a great compliment. A signature piece of work, Greg.

    The subject herself is a triumph of function over form, and a nice example of the advantages of posing these birds in flight; some aircraft just look much, much better in their natural place in the skies. A very nice build, Greg. You bring a different, very welcome, dimension to the modeling community here.


  18. Well done Greg, really like all the scratch building and your additional details that really make her shine.

  19. This. Is. Outstanding! Greg, my congratulations! Classic kit and such a beautiful build! Well done!

  20. Just fantastic, Greg. Can't say enough good about it. And in 1:72!

    Kudos, friend.

  21. Well detailed old kit Greg, looks good, nicely done.

  22. Well done Greg, excellent result from a not so easy kit

  23. Man, as usual I'm late to the choir. But let my voice join in. Excellent Greg! Great all the way around. And 1/72 to top it all. I couldn't help noticing the micro-stencils, but only because they were enlarged. My old Mk1 eyeballs probably wouldn't see them on their own.

    Really, really nice Greg!

  24. Excellent work Greg! All the details you've added and the paintwork, wow. It shows what can be done with the older 1/72 kits. Absolutely love it!

  25. Hello Greg,
    Very impressed with your overall finish of this typical English design.
    I had to read it two times, the model is from FROG.. Master Modeler.
    Regards, Dirk - from a rainy Holland.

  26. Another masterpiece Greg, Fantastic build my Friend.

  27. Excellent work Greg! It's hard to believe that it's from the old FROG kit. Beautiful!

  28. You brought this build to life, Greg. Great job! Nice looking stand as well.

  29. Well done! I like the use of those editing tools to for pointing out things but I'm glad you kept to just a few photos. Great stand.

  30. 🙂 … Greetings … 🙂 :
    A very eye catching model Greg. Your added detail work really has brought this one to life as well as the coloring.

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