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iModeler January Awards

February 9, 2014 · in Uncategorized · · 17 · 1.5K

With a bit of delay due to recent technical troubles... Here are the winners of the iModeler Contest in January, a month that brought us 80 new articles, prompting over 920 users' comments.

As per our usual procedure, we are awarding the iModeler Best in Show title to the entry that wins this month's prize, but also list runner-ups as Honorable Mentions. We think that all are great modeling accomplishments that deserve recognition. The judging committee this month was @editor and @magnusf.

The winners are...

iModeler Best in Show - January 2013

To many of us, the prospect of scratchbuilding a large-scale model of an airplane is so daunting that it wouldn't likely be attempted. Our winning entry is scratchbuilt, to a whopping 1/16 scale, a biplane, sports a great finish and is almost 1 meter in wingspan! The unbelievable planning, resourcefulness and workmanship that went into Ozkan Turker's Gotha WD-13 Seaplane wins him the January Best in Show award.

But wait, there is more! – the Random Award

We are also awarding a prize as a token of appreciation to all our contributors. This is selected through an entirely random draw among all the entries of the month. This time, our lucky winner is Patrick Herrmann
with his 1/48 Hasagawa F-18C Hornet “Chippy Ho”. A big thank you for making iModeler better!

Honorable Mentions: 5 Extraordinary Finalists

(in no particular order)

1. Jeff Brundt- WNW Sopwith Snipe (late version)
2. Danny Attree - Another Enterprising Experience
3. Bob Depeau - Dora’s home
4. Drewe Manton - Harrier GR.5, 1/72nd Airfix (conversion)
5. Maxim Bylkin - Academy 1/48 P-26A Peashooter

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17 responses

  1. A BIG "WELL DONE" to all this month's winners !

  2. A worthy winner, and the rest of them as well were so good.
    Congratulations all round.

  3. High Fives all around…...

  4. Wonderful builds all.

  5. These are all winners, but who can argue with Mr. Turker's Gotha.
    Congratulations to all.

  6. An obvious choice of Best in Show in my eyes...and a tough choice of "honorable mentions" from which to choose. Congrats to all.

  7. Like Craig said, the winner was perhaps obvious, that model is out of this world, but choosing the 'Honorable Mentions' must have been difficult, they are all fantastic. Congratulations to everyone.

  8. Whats impressive about this sight is the consistent high level of modeling skill,detail and photography ...along with some good articles that are being written. Ozkan Turker’s Gotha WD-13 Seaplane is a sight to be hold but, the runner ups are inspirations in of themselves and go a long way to make some of us to want and go get some more plastic. That Snipe is a killer and the Boeing looks tasty, Star fleet would be proud of the sweet model. Yeah, congratulations are in order along with a lot more adjectives for the month of Jan.

  9. A very sincere congratulations to Ozkan. Absolutely fantastic and a well deserved award and my compliments to the other winners. I parrot Stephens comment about this site. I really enjoy seeing the work of all the members and enjoy being a small part of this world wide group of exceptional modelers.

  10. Great choice for the winning entry. All the "honorables" were nice in their own way, a tough call...

  11. Model winner really gorgeous, simply hard act level! And congratulations to the other finalists (especially want to note the Enterprise - super! )

  12. Great builds! Congratulations to all!

  13. Great variety again. Well done,all.

  14. Thanks to all İModeler Family Members for kind compliments and January award which is valued for me. See you soon with new projects. 🙂

  15. magnificent work gentlemen

  16. Congratulations to all the well-deserved winners! Lot's of great modeling here!

  17. Amazing stuff here. I think it's fair to say that the bar keeps getting raised!

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