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New 1/32 Liberators

’s two B-24s, much vaunted in recent months and previewed at Nuremberg Toy Fair in February, are now about to hit the hobby shelves. No price confirmed, and no in-box reviews that I can see yet, but I see that pre-orders are now being taken, so it must be imminent.

3 additional images. Click to enlarge.

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  1. 1/32 Liberator ... that's gonna be HUGE , where would you put it ? and anyway bigger isn't always better as I keep on reminding the little lady.

  2. As the saying goes; "Those who ask can't afford."

    Being a constant consumer of models maybe five or six models in a year I can't imagine buying one model for the modeling year. However, there are those folks who rationalize their modeling experience/pleasure in hours. If your modeling 300 hours on one kit or your modeling 300 hours on six kits your modeling 300 hours. So if you buy one big kit and are super detailing it and spend 300 dollars and get 300 hours of modeling pleasure...and it is the only model you do in a year... Its up to the modeler and how they want to float that boat. You can rationalize anything... if you say something over and over again it will become true...One big kit or many smaller kits. Then you say " I think I can, I think I can, I know I can. Then you buy one of those 8 balls and shake it and ask it " Will my marriage last?"

    Buying one big thing with one large up front cost (pay the price and watch her get mad) or spread the costs over the year (and she won't notice).

  3. When I was still "in the hobby", I actually preferred that scale. Wonder what the wingspan of a 32nd B-24 would be...? Definitely a ceiling hanger - no question.

  4. HK supplies a mount that you can attach to the bomb bay on their B-17 and then you can hang it on the wall. Some folks have wired the tail stabs and have hung the thing on the wall. The ultimate is to place it under glass in a coffee table along with you favorite coffee table books... Donate it to a museum.

    You wonder about the R/C guys who have quarter scale flying models... what do they do? Again who can afford?

  5. Wow this one has to be a huge beast ! Thanks for sharing this with us.

  6. Really like the box art.

  7. I want it, I need to build it, I have the B-17 and B-25.
    I'm a 1/35 scale armor/diorama builder but 1/32 scale bombers now hang over
    my dioramas.

  8. Someone once told me I was dreaming because I wanted a 1/48 Stirling. Too big they said... if they can do these in 1/32 ... there's hope for me yet. .

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