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Consolidated B-24 Liberator

Review: 1/48 Liberator B-24J Hobby Boss Review

A giant spreads its wings: B-24 GR.Mk.VI, 10th Squadron RCAF

A quote from Paul Kennedy's book "Engineers of Victory" should open this article: "Closing the air gap did not happen because some great person decreed it. There was a group of chiefly Canadian air engineers who in early [...]

Fire fighting Privateer P4Y-2 walk-around at Centennial of Naval Aviation

One of the highlights for me was this Privateer. As a boy growing up in the Pacific Northwest during fire season I would sit on my roof and watch B-17s, B-24s and Privateers drop borate on the hills above our city. I believe this bird [...]

Review: Hobby Boss 1/48th B-24J Kit #81774

The history of the B-24 has been written many times by people far more knowledgeable than me. During World War Two, it was used in every theater of the war, and produced in greater numbers than any other American aircraft. A historically [...]

Witchcraft, The Enchanted Liberator

Here’s my build of “Witchcraft”, the enchanted B-24H Liberator of the 467th Bomb Group. The kit is Monogram’s 1:48 B-24J that I picked up at a bargain table for $5.00 at a contest a few years ago. There were no decals, and someone [...]

A bit like Star Wars Death Star, deadly anyway: Sperry "ball" turret of a B-24 Liberator

A quick and topical article this time! Sometimes "the oats get you", as they say. This was the case for me recently when I was in the middle of building the large Hobby Boss B-24 Liberator in 1/32nd scale and was about to [...]

Lt. Ernie D. Latham, Hangman 19

My father in 1944 after a mission for the 49FS Hangmen, standing in front of Hangman's Hangout the O-Club. The second picture was taken by an old B-24 buddy. It shows my Dad buzzing the bomber outfit on his first P-38 flight.

Monogram 1/48 B-24J: The Dragon and His Tail

A famous "nose art" sported by a Liberator serving in the Pacific Theater. I used Kitsworld Decals. Since the application of decals over large and uneven surfaces is tricky, I approached the project with caution. Nonetheless, the [...]


I built this model from Revell kit number 5629 to honor my Uncle Harold Fox Jr.. He was the ball turret gunner aboard the aircraft when it was shot down over Austria in May of 1944. He bailed out and survived. I did a lot of research to [...]

Video: Consolidated B-24H Liberator- Highly Detailed Metal Model- 1:20 Scale- Total Scratch Built- Part 1

Guillermo Rojas Bazán Model Maker- 1:20 scale Consolidated B-24 H Witchcraft- Metal Construction- Museum model commissioned by the 467th Bombardment Group (H) Association. 467th BG Main Site: 467th BG Research [...]