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On This Day…February 10th

10th February 1943. No. 139 Squadron, RAF, was formed in July of 1918 in Italy and was originally outfitted with Bristol F2b fighter aircraft. It was disbanded on 7 March 1919, regrouping in September of ‘36 flying Hawker Hinds and then Brist[...]

On This Day…February 8th

More diorama bait... Ground crew mechanics at Laredo Army Air Field, Texas, give a Consolidated B-24 Liberator a complete overhaul before flight, 8th February 1944. Source; ‘Flight’ February 8th, 1968 8th February 1940: A flight of [...]

On This Day…February 5th

On February 5th, 1944, the crew of the 'Star Valley' B-24 Liberator were on their way home (Shipdham, East Anglia, England) from their eighth of 25 scheduled missions, bombing a Renault works manufacturing plant near Tours, in the Loire et Che[...]

On This Day…February 2nd

US soldiers From the 7th Infantry Division position a 37mm M3 anti-tank gun (two M4 Sherman’s in the background on point). This photo was taken on Kwajalein on February 2nd, 1944. The bloody conquest of Tarawa in the Gilbert Islands (post[...]

Eduard 1:72 B24 Liberator, Coastal Command

Hey chaps, just thought I would post a recent commission, a long time since I completed anything! A bit of a departure for me, this being my first 'American' build, but as a Coastal Command version. A lovely kit and painting a white scheme is re[...]

On This Day…January 29th

Supermarine Spitfire Mk IX’s of No. 241 Squadron RAF return to their base at Madna, south-east of Campomarino, Italy, after a weather reconnaissance sortie over the Anzio beachhead, 29 January 1944. No. 241 Squadron was formed in August 1918[...]

On This Day…January 15th

Lt Fred Eberle of the USAAF 333rd Fighter Squadron nursing his damaged P-38 Lighting (appropriately named ‘Ripper’) back to Saipan after receiving battle damage (note starboard wing) over Iwo Jima on 15 January , 1945. The image was taken fro[...]

On This Day…January 12th

Pilot Edwin L. King of 350 Fighter Group with his flak damaged P-47 following the ‘Silver Star’ mission of 12 Jan. 1945. The ‘Jug’ is 7D3 42-29300. Crew Chief Henry Embry took the photo after King had to return to base at Pisa, Italy, having [...]

On This Day…January 10th

On 10th January, 1941 the HMS Illustrious (Lusty) was subject to a frenzied attack by Luftwaffe Ju87 and 88 dive bombers while supporting convoys in the Eastern Mediterranean. The letter below was found tucked in an old desk during a house[...]

On This Day…December 27th

As the battle for Bastogne came to an end, the evidence of just how ferocious the fighting was can be seen in the remains of this Panzer IV (thanks to michel-verschuere for pointing out this wasn’t a Tiger, which can be seen by the spaced turret[...]
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