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USS Slater DE-766

Hey All, Here’s my , DE-766, .

The USS SLATER, is a Cannon class (DE), named for Frank O. Slater of Alabama, a sailor killed aboard the USS San Francisco during the Battle of Guadalcanal in 1942. In 2012 I visited the restored Slater docked in Albany, Ny. If you are ever in the Albany area, take the time to visit this ship. You may come away, as I did, with an awe inspired respect for the sailors who served aboard these tiny but aggressive combat vessels. Check it out at

So, in keeping with modeling the ships I visit or vice-versa, I recently completed the Pit-Road/Skywave, 1/700, Destroyer Escort kit. This kit has enough parts to build three ships of either the Cannon or Buckley Class DE’s. And enough decals to build a specific vessel. Of course I chose to build mine representing the Slater. She was built pretty much “out of box”. But to add more detail I used the Tom’s Modelworks, WW2 Us Navy DE, photo etch set #713. It was a quick but pleasurable build with no major problems. One word of advice, keep the optivisor close at hand. As far as warships go, DE’s are small ships and at 1/700 scale, TINY. The water base is tinted clear epoxy resin while the waves and wakes were built up with 5min epoxy, painted with shades of blues, greens and white. Hope you enjoy. Keep on modeling and keep it fun!

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  1. Great looking little ship! Lots of detail packed into a small! Love the Under-Way presentation. Good info provided.

  2. Haven't seen a "floaty thing" in a while - I like it (I could never get the 'water' to look right). Nice job.

  3. Terrific work on this, Gary - stands up in comparison to the real shot brilliantly. Great piece of detail work that has to have taken a lot of patience and focus.

  4. What a little beauty. Well done indeed.
    Also liked how you made the display stand.

  5. Hello Gary,
    Excellent diorama. My compliments, especially taking the scale in mind.
    I have heard from Naval personnel, that you need to have "sea legs".
    Regards, Dirk

  6. Great job! I believe the Slater is one of the few preserved DE's, nice to see it.

    • Hey Robert. thanks. You are correct. The Slater is the last floating DE in the US. The folks who restored her did a magnificent job. I hope to visit her again someday soon.

  7. I think they brought her back from Europe.

  8. A nice build and well-done wave effects. Looks great!

  9. Very nice destroyer, Gary! Love that you included the story behind its name, as well!

    I was a bit taken back by the photos, though, as they were quite underexposed. I took the liberty of correcting them a bit, revealling details of your work. I hope you don't mind?

    6 attached images. Click to enlarge.

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