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1/48 Supermarine Scimitar F.1

July 23, 2022 · in Aviation · · 15 · 1.2K

If you want a in your collection, there are unfortunately only two vaccu kits and one made of resin. Luckily I had the one in my stash. Once you cut everything out, it builds like an injected kit.

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  1. A great result, including a super shiny canopy.

  2. Excellent! Martin, thanks for posting pix of your excellent Scimitar...I like it a lot!

  3. Excellent all over, Trachsel!

  4. You've done an excellent job I shudder at thought of building another vac. kit.

  5. Nice looking model. Thoze Dynavector kits are good !

  6. Wonderful build and finish. Great work.

  7. Excellent result on this vacuform kit, Trachsel @Matra

  8. Nice work! I need a Scimitar to tank my Sea Vixen (and Buc when it gets released).

  9. Very nicely done model.
    I'm too much of a vaccuformed scaredy cat to attempt to build my Dynavector Scimitar right now.

  10. Exceptional, Trachsel (@Matra). I won't even attempt a vac canopy, so I really admire someone who can build a whole model with vacuform parts. Well done.

  11. This is a great looking build, it looks like an injected mold kit, excellent work! Sometimes a vacuform kit is the only way to go with some of these subjects.

  12. Brilliant work, every FAA collection needs a Scimitar, are you reading this Airfix ?...

  13. Very nice. Dynavector kits are among the finest vacs around. Bought a Sea Vixen in Melbourne years ago & it's beautiful. I'd buy any of their kits (if they're not too exxy that is)

  14. Looks great! Especially for a vac-form kit.

  15. You did an AMAZING job on your Scimitar. This is the ONE aircraft that Airfix need to add to their 1/48 aircraft together with the Supermarine Swift.

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