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Hey fellow modelers! Gary, from Williamsport, PA.

I've been modeling for roughly 45-50 years, starting with my Dad at the age of 6. My first solo "project" was the Pt-109, probably the Revell kit, and still recall attaching the mufflers upside first lesson in following the instructions. Like many of us in my age age bracket, modeling became a passion in the 1970's, when I saw my first Shep Paine booklet, included in the Monogram B-17 kit. Yup, that's what I want to do.

My modeling subjects lean towards WW2 subjects but I throw in some WW1, US Civil War and a few wooden ships, just to keep from getting stagnant. Outside of modeling I keep busy with being a draftsman at Lycoming Engines, (I work to live, I don't live to work) visiting family, sports (Pens, Yanks, PSU), visiting battlefields, historical sites and museums, hiking, kayaking, snow-shoeing, cooking-grilling.

Hopefully you will enjoy my past, current and future projects posted here on I-modeler.

Thanks! Be safe! Happy Modeling!

"Luftwaffe Group Build Vignette"

Hi All, My contribution to the German Air Service/Luftwaffe group build. Thanks go to Louis Gardner for starting the group and inviting me to join. It has been a fun group with many great contributions. Good job, ALL! As usual, to keep [...]

First and last

Hey All, The First and Last build idea was an idea suggested by fellow iModeler Paul Barber. Hope to see more of the groups additions soon. The aircraft I chose for my FIRST and LAST builds are based on the so-called “career” of a [...]

P-61A Moonhappy

Hi All, I finally finished and would like to show my version of the venerable, Revell/Monogram, 1/48, P-61A Black Widow, “Moon Happy”. First, I'd like to thank my co-worker, Dave, and his son, Evan, for giving me this kit. I hope you [...]

P-61B “Lady in the Dark”

Hey All, Presenting the 1/48, Hobby Boss, P-61B, Black Widow built OOB along with Eduard Brassin Wheels and Print Scale decals. Primed with Floquil Old Silver. Humbrol Maskol used for the chipping effect. Painted with Mr. Color Surfacer [...]

“PATROL”…Empire of Japan Group Build, Type 97 Chi-Ha.

Hi All, My only contribution to the Empire of Japan group build. Thank you Louis for the invite. My first attempt at a box diorama but definitely not last. My last completed build and posting for 2020. This box diorama, titled, [...]


“flight 19, lost squadron, 75th anniversary tribute” 75 years ago: Dec 5th, 1945, two Martin PBM-5 Mariners, took off from Naval Air Station Banana River, Florida at 19:27 to search for five lost Avengers, of training Flight 19, over [...]

PTO tribute

My iMod postings to tribute VJ Day. Thank you all who sacrificed! I too had more than I thought. Keep it fun


Hey All, My recent build(s) were inspired from Adam Mako's book, Devotion, recounting the heroic story of USN pilots ENS. Jesse Brown and LTJG. Thomas Hudner during the Korean War. Highly recommended. Both kits: Hasegawa 1/48, F4U-4 [...]

"Forward To Destiny"

Hi All, Finally the, “On That Day”, second posting of the completed T26E3 Pershing, Clarence Smoyer diorama. Titled; “Forward To Destiny” The diorama scene: Cobblestone street and stone sidewalk are created from foam board and [...]

75 Years Ago Tribute / On This Day

Hey All! My second, personal, End of WW2, 75th Anniversary tribute build. Also an "On This Day", March 6th, 1945 tribute as well. March 6th marks the 75th anniversary of the famous [...]