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PA-48 Enforcer

Hi All, To me, the PA-48 Enforcer is probably one of THE coolest looking airplanes ever produced and when I saw one at the USAF Museum, I knew one day I needed to build a model of it. So, when Halberd Models, from the Ukraine, had a [...]

18TH Century Long Boat

Happy 2023 All, I've been itching to do another wood boat kit but I did not want to get into a long term project so I went with this Model Shipway's 18th Century Long Boat. This was a nice change of pace and fun to build and I'm pleased [...]

2022: In Review

Hi All, The builds I completed and posted in 2022. Many thanks to all who took the time to check out my builds and post comments. Also, thanks to our editors for keeping this site up and running throughout the year with very few glitches. [...]

FAA Fairey Swordfish

Hi All, I present my third and final contribution to the Flight 19, WW2 Fleet Air Arm, mini group build. As with my two previous FAA builds this build is also a tribute to a Fleet Air Arm serviceman. While reading the book, Tune In: The [...]

Nieuport 17: William Wellman

Hi All, With my last two builds, this one, and the next upcoming post I seem to be on a bi-wing kick. Not planned that way but that's the way it worked out. At the start of this build I came upon the fact that film director, William [...]

Curtiss F9C Sparrowhawks

Hi All. I have seen the last remaining F9C Sparrowhawk before, at the Steven F. Udvar-Hazy/NASM, but for some reason on my last visit, with my Bro-in-law (thanks Kurt, had a great time), I felt inspired to build this classic USN [...]

FAA Corsair, MK IV, KD658

Hi All, My Second of three contributions to the Flight 19, WW2 Fleet Air Arm, mini group build Corsair MK IV KD658 Honoring Canadian, Lt. Robert Hampton Gray, RCNVR, VC, DSC British Pacific Fleet, HMS Formidable, Squadron 1841 Days prior [...]

FAA Corsair, MK II, JT410

Hi All, My first of three contributions to the Flight-19, WW2 Fleet Air Arm, mini group build. Corsair MK.II JT 410 Honoring Canadian, Sub Lt. Donald Sheppard, RCNVR, DSC The only FAA Canadian Corsair ace during WW2. All victories claimed [...]

HETZER: Tamiya 1/48

Hey All, My latest completion. Tamiya, 1/48, Jagdpanzer 38(t) Hetzer Royal Model Figures Pretty much OOB build with modifying fender and skirting parts to show damage. Thin wire used for the hull detail. This was a fun, “quick” build [...]

Seafire Fr 47: Korea: The Forgotten War Group Build

Hi All, My latest post is my build from the, Korea: The Forgotten War, group build. Thank you to Louis Gardner for setting up the Korea group. Thank you to Spiros Pendedekas for letting me build the Griffon engine in the Aeroengines group [...]