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Hey fellow modelers! Gary, from Williamsport, PA.

I've been modeling for roughly 45-50 years, starting with my Dad at the age of 6. My first solo "project" was the Pt-109, probably the Revell kit, and still recall attaching the mufflers upside first lesson in following the instructions. Like many of us in my age age bracket, modeling became a passion in the 1970's, when I saw my first Shep Paine booklet, included in the Monogram B-17 kit. Yup, that's what I want to do.

My modeling subjects lean towards WW2 subjects but I throw in some WW1, US Civil War and a few wooden ships, just to keep from getting stagnant. Outside of modeling I keep busy with being a draftsman at Lycoming Engines, (I work to live, I don't live to work) visiting family, sports (Pens, Yanks, PSU), visiting battlefields, historical sites and museums, hiking, kayaking, snow-shoeing, cooking-grilling.

Hopefully you will enjoy my past, current and future projects posted here on I-modeler.

Thanks! Be safe! Happy Modeling!

HETZER: Tamiya 1/48

Hey All, My latest completion. Tamiya, 1/48, Jagdpanzer 38(t) Hetzer Royal Model Figures Pretty much OOB build with modifying fender and skirting parts to show damage. Thin wire used for the hull detail. This was a fun, “quick” build [...]

Seafire Fr 47: Korea: The Forgotten War Group Build

Hi All, My latest post is my build from the, Korea: The Forgotten War, group build. Thank you to Louis Gardner for setting up the Korea group. Thank you to Spiros Pendedekas for letting me build the Griffon engine in the Aeroengines group [...]

RCN, Sea Fury

Hi All, The 1/48, Airfix, Sea Fury Export completed as: Sea Fury FB.11, TG118, VF870, RCN, HMCS Shearwater, Nova Scotia. Sept 1952 Substituted kit parts with the following: Barracuda Sea Fury Cowling Upgrade Barracuda Sea Fury Engine Front [...]

F-84Gs Korea

Hi Fellow iModelers, First completions and postings for 2022. F-84G, FS-454, 58th FBS, Korea 1952: 1/48, Pro-Modeler (Revell/Monogram) F-84G Thunderjet Tamiya decals F-84G, FS-460, 8th FBS, 49th FBG, Korea 1952: 1/48, Tamiya, F-84G [...]

2021 Builds

Hi All, The builds I completed and posted in 2021. A few struggles and hurdles along the way but the pleasures of building and creating were more the norm. Thanks to all who took the time to check out my builds. A very Happy 2022 to all, [...]

P47D: "No Guts... No Glory..."

Hi All, Most likely my last post for 2021. Yup, another P-47. This time the 1/48, P47D from Hobby Boss depicting 84th FS/78th FG, “No Guts...No Glory”, piloted by Maj. Ben Mayo. The Hobby Boss, 1/48, P-47D: Built OOB, minus [...]

Flight-19 Pearl Harbor 80th Anniversary Tribute Group Build: Witness Artifacts

Hi All, My contributions to the “FL-19, Pearl Harbor 80th Anniversary Tribute, Group Build” are based on two existing artifacts that were, so-called, “eyewitnesses” to the attack: First build: An icon to the attack on Pearl Harbor [...]

P-47 Razorback: Zemke's Wolfpack

Hey All. My latest completion, P-47 #2 This time Tamiya's, 1/48, P-47D Razorback. Built OOB and using Meteor Productions PYN-up decals, markings of P47D-15-RE of 63 FS/56, Zemke’s Wolfpack, flown by Lt Charles Clamp, Jr. Paints: Mr. [...]

P-47D: "Sleepy Jean the 3rd"

Hey All. My latest completion. Tamiya, 1/48, P-47D Bubbletop. Built OOB but with Meteor Productions PYN-up decals, markings of P47D-28-RA of the 395 FS/368 FG, “Sleepy Jean the 3rd”. This was my first Tamiya P-47 kit and a pleasure to [...]

"Luftwaffe Group Build Vignette"

Hi All, My contribution to the German Air Service/Luftwaffe group build. Thanks go to Louis Gardner for starting the group and inviting me to join. It has been a fun group with many great contributions. Good job, ALL! As usual, to keep [...]