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1/48 Airfix Lightning

Calling this one done, not 100% happy with it, but that’s more down to me than the kit.

4 additional images. Click to enlarge.

23 responses to 1/48 Airfix Lightning

  1. Well, it’s a splendid Lightning, Malcolm. I do wish you had more pictures, though.

  2. 100% or not…it looks pretty good to ME. 🙂

  3. Agree, it looks very good, the camouflage is very nicely made. I like it

  4. A beautiful Lightning!

  5. So where’s the fakakte? I can’t see it. Looked hard. All I can see is standard-issue good model making work.

    Very nice result. Another excellent Lightning model.

  6. Thank you, you are to kind
    There are a few little faults, the wing lights for some reason don’t fit correctly, the undercarriage is a bit wobbly, as I had to put a fair bit of weight in the nose to keep it down once the tail was fitted, and a few others, as I say not the kits fault, as it’s a great kit, may have to make a couple more 😂

  7. Malcolm, I like it ! It might not feel right to you, but that’s just you being a model guy !
    I do like your comment about “may having to make some more”. I use that excuse quite often !

  8. Oh, Tom, it’s been a while since I heard the phrase ‘fakakta’ – made my (Shabbat) morning. The Lightning is great, Malcom, and as Tom will tell you, just like Hollyweird, what the camera doesn’t see doesn’t exist!

  9. Looks great from where I sit! Love the ole’ lightning!

  10. Good job all round, Malcolm. Not a subject we see that often, but one deserving more attention.

  11. Cheers mate, thank you

  12. Beautiful work. My favorite Jet Brit bird.

  13. Cheers mate

  14. Looks pretty good to me Malcolm – classic cold war jet – more photos please.

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