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A Beginner's early builds'

September 13, 2018 · in Aviation · · 19 · 1.9K

So, I just got into hobby modelling about February this year. In that time I have completed the planes you can see in the photos; Macchi 202 (Hasegawa), G55 (Smer), BR 20 (Italeri), Reggiane Re2002 (Tamiya), MB 326 (Italeri), Focke Wulf 190A (Tamiya) and Fiat CR 32 (Smer). I also built a JU 87G-1 Stuka, and Mitsubishi zero. I gave these two away before I photographed them. I live in Thailand and I gave them to a poor Cambodian boy who was cared for by his aunty and uncle that couldn't afford to buy him toys. (Needless to say, he was over the moon, and 'flew' them all day).

Currently with a penchant for Italian and German builds. I have some float-planes to do next, I will enjoy the extra body work, and doing wheels slightly annoys me. I'm near to completion of a MC-72. I hope to be able to share future builds with clear, close photos and a narrative. Thanks for checking out my 'fleet'!

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  1. Outstanding..."keep up the good work", as they say. 🙂

  2. Mon, Welcome to imodeler and to our wonderful hobby of model building. Looks like your off to good start. Their are a lot of people here that are very willing to help and pass on idea's. so don't be afraid to ask. The one thing I like about fellow modelers, is we all enjoy sharing ideas.

    Another thing I would suggest is, if you find a model show in your area such as an IPMS show, go to it. Take pictures and talk with fellow model guys. Its a great place to see a lot of models and get some great motivation !

  3. Not a criticism - helpful hints for a newbie: the Italian fasces insignia has the "blades" facing outwards on each wing. For the RAAF, the kangaroo leaps forward on the fuselage insignia - you have the wings right, the kangaroo's feet aim at the fuselage.

    For only a few months of model-making, you're doing very good. We have all made the mistakes mentioned above, it's how we learn.

  4. Great work, Mon. Keep at it, and welcome to the mad house.

  5. A nice start to your collection, and some great subjects as well. Keep it up!

  6. Smashing--the lot !

  7. These are really nice & don't look like someone new to the hobby built them. If you don't already have an airbrush, you will find it opens up many new horizons.

  8. A real nice collection and welcome to the site!

  9. Not bad at all, you should have seen my early models from the 1990’s . 🙂 Those were real beginner builds...
    Keep up the good work and your results will be even better!

  10. Welcome to iModeler! Keep up with the good work, you've done some great models allready. Looking forward to the floatplanes you want to built, another great subject.

  11. Humbled by everyone's words of encouragement. Thanks indeed for the warm welcome!

  12. You've made rapid progress. Well done. Nice to hear that you've passed along our hobby to a kid. When I was in the Navy, I took my two nephews on a day cruise aboard my ship the USS Eisenhower. One is now a Coast Guard officer and the other a Naval officer. Both went to the academies. You never know what small gesture is going to have a life-long impact.

  13. What a great start you've made, Mon! In fact, You are waaaaay past the 'normal' beginner's stage. Welcome to a great way to relax, spend free time, and spend much more money than you probably should - or at least, what your wife THINKS you should!


  14. Bienvenido Mon! nuevos aviones con camuflajes originales.

  15. Only Italians would name an aircraft "Cant"

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