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I have only begun hobby modelling in February 2018. My goal for the immediate future is to practice weathering techniques. I very much appreciate any help and feedback.

A Beginner’s early builds’

So, I just got into hobby modelling about February this year. In that time I have completed the planes you can see in the photos; Macchi 202 (Hasegawa), G55 (Smer), BR 20 (Italeri), Reggiane Re2002 (Tamiya), MB 326 (Italeri), Focke Wulf 190A (Ta[...]

Breda Ba 888 Lince (Lynx)

One of the most beautiful aircraft of the Regia Aeronautica circa WWII. Although, as I've read, functionally useless. They were ultimately used as bombing target decoys. Just started hobby modelling this year. Carrying on from an interest in 19[...]