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A Day at the Museum…

September 18, 2018 · in Diorama · · 33 · 2.2K

Hey there fellow iModelers,
Here's another "moldy-oldy" from my shelf. This little scene depicts my cousin, Doug and I, out doing one of our favorite activities, visiting the museums. This fictitious museum was built around the 1/48, , -3 , kit #3411, shown in the kit provided Coral Sea markings. The figures were Verlinden Luftwaffe mechanics reconfigured to look like Doug and I. Well, as close I could get in 1/48. And yes, that's me with the camera...LOL

Hope you enjoy. Keep on modeling and keep it FUN!

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  1. Fantastic build and dio!

  2. Priceless, Gary. I love these builds that capture a memory (real or implied) and have a context all of their own. I honestly cannot tell you how much I like this. Do you have any more photos?

  3. Very nice Gary. Well done. There's a company out there,, that does 3D printing of figures. Not sure if you were aware of them. They have civilians with cameras. The museum setting is a really cool idea.

    • Hi James, Thank you for the kind words and info. I built this dio approx.15 years ago so there weren't too many 3D options available, if any, at that time. But mostly, I'm old school, I always like scratch building or re-configuring what I need. Gives it that personal touch. But I will keep this site in my bookmarks for future needs. Thanks again.

  4. Great looking scene, Gary. Modeling IS fun and seeing great dios like this is great fun, too! A little slice of the Pensacola Naval Air Service (more or less) right here on iModeler.


  5. What a great idea for a diorama! Also allows one to leave a nicely built model "clean," as all museum specimens are. Great-looking SBD as well. And did I mention - nice legs!

  6. Great idea, I really like it!

  7. Very imaginative display...I like it!

  8. totally awesome Gary...well thought out ...well done

  9. Gary, your diorama is very well executed. The model, the figures and the museum surroundings are all excellent. The overall setting closely resembles that of the SBD displayed at the Air Zoo in Kalamazoo, MI. That airframe took part in the Operation Torch landings, was returned to serve as a trainer and ditched in Lake Michigan. Magnificiently restored, it now looks much like your fine rendition, but with Operation Torch markings. If I remember correctly, it is on loan from the Smithsonian. Thanks for posting. It really captures the fun of the inspiration behind the hobby.

    • Great information, Russel! I wondered what had happened to that SBD that was pulled out of the Lake Michigan.

      During WWII, my Dad flew Navy and the one he flew the most combat in was the SBD - I don't know which models; most likely the early ones since he went in during January of 1942. He flew F4Fs & TBM/Fs (SB2C, PBY, F6F & others) as well as other planes but he really liked the SBD & was credited with 1/2 of a Betty bomber in one.

  10. Very beautiful build and composition. Great diorama. People give it that extra life to it, especially for you and Doug. Wish our museums were so well presented and not so cluttered, but informative to the specific model. Not only does the diorama tell as story about museum visitations, but there, on the walls, is a story about the Dauntless aircraft for all to learn from. Good show, Gary.

  11. You. Are. Seriously. Weird. Thank goodness! 🙂

    Great dio, great "shoulda been" story.

  12. Thanks, All, for the kind comments...

    Mr. David Leigh-Smith asked me to add some more pics, so here ya' go David. It's hard to get current day shots of this diorama because the two museum walls are integral to the clear case built to cover the model. Enjoy! Keep it Weird and FUN!

    3 attached images. Click to enlarge.

  13. Outstanding placement and execution. Very clean build all around.

  14. Now this is a great idea ! Well done, and these Accurate Miniature kits are among the best. I like it a lot ! Two thumbs up Sir. 🙂

  15. I like the idea and execution.

  16. Great build on a great kit. Well done all around.

  17. Hey All. thanks so much for the positive comments. I honestly posted this one just to get something out there, never expecting this response. So, thanks again!

    In regards to the kit...from what I recall, it was a nice to kit to assemble. (Unlike the B-25B's I recently finished and hope to post soon, once I get some decent pics). One thing I remember about the SBD was the cockpit being so detailed out of the box. Similar to what we get with the Wingnut Wings kits these days.

  18. Awesome display idea, and a great finish as well - Excellent work!

  19. Wonderful. Just wonderful.

  20. Hello gary,
    Great setting of this famous aircraft. The dio looks very convincing.
    You must have done a lot of work on the two figurines.
    Regards, Dirk / The Netherlands.

  21. I love dioramas like this that place the plane in a setting that we have all shared in real life. Great idea, perfectly executed. When I was scrolling through the articles and thumbnail photos on the homepage, I saw your article & thought it was an photo-visit to an actual museum. :o)

  22. Realy nice idea! Great job Gary

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