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F-101 Voodoo (the One-Oh-Wonder)

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  8. F-4C, Cam Ranh Bay, S. Vietnam
  9. Pilot’s Last Flight

Bentwaters, AFB, England, Sept 1960 to July 1963. 91st Tactical Fighter Squadron. The Voodoo is such a cool, unique design. The 100, 101 and 105 are my favorite century series aircraft, as they had such character – unlike almost all modern USAF fighters, which just seem cut from the same mold.

Yep – dad shot the original selfie with his Konica 35mm right there in the cockpit! That’s him again in the orange flight suit, and that’s my mom (still alive at 82) in the red top.

The T-33 is the squadron hack.

13 additional images. Click to enlarge.

16 responses to F-101 Voodoo (the One-Oh-Wonder)

  1. Equally awesome! I did that hasa/micrscale conversion in that scheme, wish I still had it. I love that orange flight suit your Dad’s wearing.

  2. Great set of photos Greg!

  3. Great stuff, 1-1 scale definitely inspires the modeling community here!

  4. These are unique photos, Greg – treasures, really – and I’m really pleased you shared them. Look after that Mom, my friend.

  5. Wow! Amazing – family – photo collection Greg!

  6. Another great collection, Greg….thanks for sharin’ ’em.

  7. Great and unique photos Greg. Fantastic family history, thank you for sharing.

  8. Superb. I used to live half an hour from Bentwaters.

    The area is gone over to industrial use now. Photos like this are the only record that this history ever took place.

  9. Fantastic photos, the colour and contrast are very sharp on both the Vodoo and the Thud. The tail stripes and stars are awesome. Your father was one lucky man

  10. Photo 9 is interesting, Two nmf aircraft, with an unmarked overall gray bird. A gain very cool photos!

  11. Great shots Greg

  12. Outstanding shots. Thanks for sharing!

  13. Beautiful photography – absolutely brilliant – thanks for sharing them Greg – I can’t imagine the pride you must feel looking at them!

  14. Really cool, love the pictures Greg. Thanks for sharing.

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