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On This Day…October 23rd

The Nieuport 17 (No. 1831) of Lt Joseph Maria of Squadron N 77 captured by the Germans, October 23, 1916…

Medic James Parks of the 133rd Infantry Regiment carrying a wounded German through the streets of St. Angelo d’Alife, Italy, on 23 October 1943.

F4F-4 Wildcats of Marine Fighting Squadron 441 on Nanumea Airfield, Ellice Islands, 23 October 1943.

2 additional images. Click to enlarge.

6 responses to On This Day…October 23rd

  1. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  2. You are welcome, Craig. By the way, the photo sources are generally from all over the ‘net – I just trawl through searches for the date and cross reference that with history and especially any war/model subject material. Any photos I find I then cross reference to make sure they ARE taken on the identified day. It’s fun. Plan to do this for the full year, as much for my own learning as anything else. Besides, I get very little actual model building time so it helps me feel part of the community here.

    I don’t actually have a time machine…


  3. Interesting set Dave, I can understand that medic helping the injured German but I’m not sure I would have carried him on my back if it was me !
    Love the Wildcats best.

  4. It does seem above and beyond, Neil, but the medics were a special breed, I think.

  5. You can add to it the most generous and splendid emotion, selflessness. To me that photo shows the opposing face humans have in war. It’s a nice contrast to some gruesome photos out there. Kinda reminds me the Hacksaw Ridge

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