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Tamiya, 1/35, IDF, Tiran 5

Hy guys, this is my tired and rusty Tiran 5.
An IDF tank that is based on the Russian T55.
This is a Tamiya kit (very close to perfect kit!)
Plus Legend detailing set and some extra Black Dog, Verlinden stowage.
Colors and weathering effects by Ammo by Mig.
Have a great weekend!

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12 responses to Tamiya, 1/35, IDF, Tiran 5

  1. I struggle to remember an armour model that was better built, finished, and presented. Although someone did post an amazing T-54 a couple of days ago…

    Well done, Allon – another very, very fine piece of modeling and artwork.The rustwork is exceptional.

  2. Beautifully rendered, sir….very nice work.

  3. An amazing build!

  4. Extremely realistic – good work.

  5. Yeah the IDF is very good at recycling equipment. Usually, improving the original designs to better suit there needs.

    Allon, the photography and the build are something you would see in a hard copy magazine. Definitely, a Goldilocks build. Made just right. Smart tight crisp build with a subtle paint job with the added touch of highlights and rust.

    Two thumbs up on the one.

  6. Lovely rusty tank my man, makes me want to buy one from the autotrader…

  7. Thank you all, guys!

  8. I love a good tank model! Nice job on making it look like a vehicle that has seen a lot of service time. Keep ’em coming!

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