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1/48 Italeri MiG-23MF Flogger

September 6, 2020 · in Aviation · · 17 · 2.4K

I wanted to add to my collection for a while. Been aiming for Trumpeter but I found Italeri kit for a cheap price. It's not very detailed kit but it gave me much less headache than other Italeri kits I trashed away. Anyway, it's my first Russian in 1/48, and first plane in 3-color camo scheme. I found Patafix glue pads to be best painting mask.

I decided to take the model out in the open for a photoshoot rather than using photobooth. Managed to catch a morning sunrise at 06:30... I'm not sorry for waking up early.

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  1. That's a great build, Boris!
    For your first tri-color, you did fantastic!
    Patafix stuff is great, isn't it? I use the same!
    Got the same kit too, your build is tempting me to start mine.
    P.S. Pics are fantastic too!

    • Thx! So far I had few attempts with multi-color schemes but was dissapointing. I tried masking with plasticine but it was leaving greasy stains on the surface. Tried with magnetic putty but it was very difficult to handle. At first I messed up this kit so much I had to strip all the paint away and start all over again. Then I read about Patafix...great stuff...

  2. Nice looking build, I really like the color scheme, and your execution of it. I like your photograph work too.

  3. The low morning sun really makes the paint stand out - well done on both the plane and the photoshoot!

  4. I agree, great photography and the Flogger looks very well done, especially the paint work

  5. This is a beautiful Flogger, Boris.
    Results of you photography really made up the early wake-up, I like them a lot.
    Thanks for the Parafix tip, I will be looking into that.

  6. Looks good, Boris!

  7. Nice paint work. If I recall, I think this kit is the old Hobbycraft kit. If so, you have made a nice cloth purse from a sow's ear. Great work!

  8. G'day Boris,
    You can't beat a well executed three tone camouflage.

  9. Nice! Looks great in the natural light. The old esci kits hold up. I like their 1/72 series of Phantoms.

  10. Great looking model, Boris (@grgast). It looks plenty detailed to me, nice job.

  11. Nice one! I think I'll grab mine from the stash 😉

  12. Very nice - and never heard of patafix glue pads... I may have to give those a shot. Are they easily malleable? Work for smaller scale camo patterns?

    • Works like a charm Greg. It's reusable, just soft enough to be easily shaped, yet hard enough to keep shape while applied to model parts. Just keep in mind - it's glue after all, it'll stick to the plastic if you press it really hard (I peeled off small area of paint in first attempt). Best of all - it's cheap, i got myself a pack for $2 in local store.

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