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ICM/Eduard 1/48th Spitfires Mk. IX in the IDF

The majority of Spitfires in the IDF service were Mk. IXe delivered from Czechoslovakia and Italy. Spitfire no. ד 130 (for "D"). The first Spitfire in the IDF was assembled from junkyards left by the RAF and downed Egyptian [...]


This was my return to the hobby after 30 years away (girls, college, work, new family...). The evolution of the kits and the tools and supplies surprised me... Here in Brazil we have few options of stores (physical or virtual), and most [...]

IDF C-130H

Модель фирмы Звезда. Декали на заказ. Google translation (Ed.): Model kit by Zvezda. Aftermaket decals.

IDF Orev 1/35 AFV Club

I have a love/hate relationship with soft skin military vehicle kits. On the plus side, there are some very unique and interesting subjects that aren't seen too often, such as this 1/4 ton IDF anti-tank missile vehicle. On the other [...]

Centurion 1973 Sho't Kal (Updated pics)

It has been too long since my previous post...I've been busy working on other aspects of life. And now here are the more pictures I took on the Sho't Kal build. While I'm taking shots of details, I found out that I didn't really do much on [...]

Meng, IDF, Namer in 1/35

Hi guys, Meng, IDF, Namer, in 1/35. Better fit than Lego...! have a great day!

IDF Sho’t Kal & M51 Super Sherman

Hello everyone! It's my first post here. These are my works on IDF's Sho't Kal & M51 Super Sherman. They are in 1/35 scale, from AFV Club and Academy respectively. I built the M51 first, so you could see some differences, or [...]

Academy, 1/35 IDF M163 "Machbet"

Hi guys, Another IDF M-113 version. this time it's the excellent M-163 kit by Academy in 1/35+ Legend "Machbet" conversion kit. "Machbet" in Hebrew means: racket. Have a great weekend!

IDF APC PUMA with mine roller, 1/35

IDF APC PUMA from HobbyBoss with mine roller system Nochri, from Meng, 1/35. The interior is made with scratch. The painting is from Vallejo's acrylics. For wethering I used washes of AK and pigments from Casttle Art and AK.

Dragon, IDF, Magach 2 in 1/35

Hi guys, Here is my last 2020 model 🙂 IDF, Six days war, Magach 2 (M48) in 1/35 scale by Dragon. a great kit with perfect fit, I built it OOB and added some resin stowage parts. Happy new year everyone!