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F-14A Tomcat, Tamiya 1/48 no.2

Hello colleagues modellers

I would like to introduce to you my third from . I built this model for Ted Rutherford who flew with him.

Of the accessories, I only used Eduard's RBFs and seats. Fightertown Decals.

19 additional images. Click to enlarge.

13 responses

  1. Top quality model there Tomas! It looks very realistic indeed...your third Tomcat you say? All Tamiya? Damm
    Congratulations, hope to see more of your work around here

  2. yes, all 3 are from the amazing Tamiya kit

    2 attached images. Click to enlarge.

  3. Fabulous Tomcat ! Love the paintwork. You captured the look extremely well. I think it is one of the best 1/48 Tomcat I have seen. Your attention to detail is awesome and right-on. You must of made someone very happy with this build!

  4. Outstanding! Love this big Navy birds and that's a hell of a lot of dedication to build three of that huge kit...

  5. Outstanding work, Tomáš. Just exactly the right amount of whethering.
    Do I get that right: you’ve built this for the guy who actually flew it?

  6. thanks gentlemen

    yes, I built this model directly for Theodore Rutherford, the pilot of this machine. Looking closer, you will find that the two darker F-14s are the same. The older one is mine, this new piece is for Ted. He also wants to have his little cat

  7. One ,I mean three excellent Tomcats, you've got the weathering down to perfection.

  8. beautiful Tomcat dude!

  9. Fantastic paintwork on all three.

  10. A beautiful model!

  11. I’ve just come back to watch it one more time. Did I say how much I like it?

  12. A Beautiful model. Do you have a display base for it, and some kind of protective case for it? The ever present threats are grand kids and the Cleaning Woman...

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