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On This Day…November 14th.

November 14, 2018 · in News · · 22 · 2.1K

The deck crew of the USS Badoeng Strait (CVE-116) clearing snow from the flight deck, off Korea, 14 Nov 1950; the F4U-4B Corsairs belong with US Marine Corps squadron VMF-323. The Badoeng earned six battlestars in Korea.

This following photo is nothing to do with Nov 14th, but I included it as it shows a very unusual subject, the hybrid powered Ryan FR1 'Fireball'. This is a shot of a Fireball taking off from the deck of the USS Badoeng - taken in 1947. Don't think I've ever seen a model of this bird.

US Army Sergeant Joseph H. Kadlec delivering Christmas packages sent from the US. Taken on 14 Nov 1944, Zweifall, Germany.

On November 14, 1942, Harold Bauer shot down two enemy aircraft in an attack 100 miles off Guadalcanal before being shot down himself. He was last seen in the water apparently unhurt, floating in his Mae West life jacket. A lengthy and intensive air and sea search over the following days failed to find him.

This is his citation for the Medal of Honour...

For extraordinary heroism and conspicuous courage as Squadron Commander of Marine Fighting Squadron TWO TWELVE in the South Pacific Area during the period May 10 to November 14, 1942.

Volunteering to pilot a fighter plane in defense of our positions on Guadalcanal, Solomon Islands, Lieutenant Colonel Bauer participated in two air battles against enemy bombers and fighters outnumbering our force more than two-to-one, boldly engaged the enemy and destroyed one Japanese bomber in the engagement of September 28 and shot down four enemy fighter planes in flames on October 3 leaving a fifth smoking badly. After successfully leading twenty-six planes in the over-water ferry flight of more than six hundred miles on October 16, Lieutenant Colonel Bauer, while circling to land, sighted a squadron of enemy planes attacking the USS McFarland.

Undaunted by the formidable opposition and with valor above and beyond the call of duty, he engaged the entire squadron and, although alone and his fuel supply nearly exhausted, fought his plane so brilliantly that four of the Japanese planes were destroyed before he was forced down by lack of fuel.

His intrepid fighting spirit and distinctive ability as leader and an airman, exemplified in his splendid record of combat achievement, were vital in the successful operations in the South Pacific Area.


Bomb bay camera photo taken from a TBF-1 Avenger (flying from the USS Essex) captures the moment of bomb release over the Pasig River in Manila, Philippines, 14 Nov 1944. The raid was on the dock area just out of shot.

A USAAF P-38F Lightning fighter of the 50th Fighter Squadron, 14th Fighter Group, at Camp Tripoli airfield, Iceland, 14th November 1942.

A squadron of Hawker Hinds of No. 502 (Ulster) Squadron in flight from RAF Aldergrove, Northern Ireland taken on 14 November 1937. I believe there is only one of these beautiful aircraft left in the work that is airworthy.

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  1. That first image kind of struck a nerve this morning David. We are experiencing unusually cold weather down here in Texas. Last time it was freezing this time of year was over 10 years ago.

    Nice set as usual @dirtylittlefokker!

  2. Hawker Hinds - beautiful indeed, David!

  3. Forecast is for 5-8 inches of snow here in Pa tomorrow. Probably have to clear the driveway so I can take my Corsair to work! Don't I wish...

  4. Strange, James that here in London we are having something of a heatwave.

    • You know it's bad when the dogs want to go out and you open the door and they stop and look back up at you with this "are you kidding me?" look on their faces! But hey, it's Texas. Warm parka's today and back to shorts by next weekend. 🙂

  5. Those ‘Hinds’ are just gorgeous. Streamlined and beautiful. Seen Furys and Demons in 1/48 and been tempted, never seen a Hind.

  6. I love the looks of the Hind. Sydney Camm had an exceptional eye for making beautiful airplanes.

    • Talk about a ‘calling’ in terms of career, here’s Sydney Camm aged 21, 20 years before he designed the Hurricane, 30 years before the Hunter, and 40 years before his input with the Harrier.

  7. I'm much like the rest. Snow expected here in Indianapolis, and I think the Hind is a gorgeous aircraft! But then again, so is the Fury.

  8. There is a Hawker Hind at the Shuttleworth Collection - well worth a look - one of the best collections of aircraft in Britain,I think, particularly inter war types.

  9. David, I do believe that’s the only Hind that actually flies at the Shuttleworth. They do absolutely amazing work there on a very limited budget and a huge amount of skills. · on youtube
  10. Wow - seeing the image of that Hind, I just added something to my wishlist (thank goodness Christmas is coming - I get a tab more grace to add to the stash around then...)

    1 attached image. Click to enlarge.

  11. Found one! Even as an aircraft lover, this is one ugly beastie of an airplane.

  12. I think the bomb photo is kind of eerie.

  13. David, yes - there ARE better looking planes! Apparently, it couldn't "Be All It Could Be."

    Not to say anything bad about a company I don't know much about ... but Ryan isn't the first name I think of when Fighters are mentioned. Grumman, North American, Chance-Vought, Republic - yes; Ryan ... not so much.

  14. Not so much...correct, Jeff. Gimme a Grumman any day!

  15. There's also a 1/48 FR-1 from Squadron's Czech Model line.

    November 14, 1944 - Air Group 15's final mission of the war. Essex was ordered off the line and AG=15 left the ship on November 17, the top-scoring naval air group of the war.

    Regarding the Badoeng Strait photo, they had to scrape the flight deck because she was taking green seas over the bow that froze during all the November/December operations supporting the Chosin breakout. I interviewed an ordnanceman for "Frozen Chosen" who told me they finally started arming the planes with the wings down, despite that being more difficult, since standing on a ladder to mount the ordnance on a folded wing was far more dangerous with the ship taking 15-degree rolls.

  16. Thanks, Tom. Love the detail that you bring to the table; brings everything just that much more to life.

  17. The Hawker Hind is a very nice looking plane. Although of these pics I like the p-38F, the twin tail with broad vertical fins looks great.

  18. Another great collection David !

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