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1-35 Dragon Platz Pz Kpfw IV Ausf D

December 3, 2018 · in Armor · · 8 Comments

I built this Panzer about a year ago. I had built several armor kits over the years and always felt they where some of the most extensive and detailed kits of both old and modern armor. But, this extensive detail came at a cost; They have very high parts count! In my opinion they are overly high and complex especially during a period in which slide-molding technology has allowed for the manufacturing of very detailed complex parts with minimal assembly. Don't get me wrong I sometimes enjoy the challenge of a kit with a 1000 parts but sometimes it is just over-kill especially when you realize what these 1000 parts are for. For example, I recently built a Dragon 1/35 Tiger Tank. Wonderful kit, but wow was the parts count high and overly complex. I remember being so frustrated when I got to the finally assembly and started constructing the on-board tools. There is this common tank lifting jack included. It must of required the assembly of 5 to 6 pieces just for a jack...agggg!

I think Dragon became aware of this feedback and developed a new line called the "" series. It was developed with the goal of delivering a very detailed, and accurate model, but with minimal, more acceptable parts count. For example the Dragon Platz Kpfw IV Ausf D featured in this article contains the same tank lifting jack. It is a 1-piece part requiring no assembly and looks as good as the one in the aforementioned Dragon Tiger. This new Dragon "Platz" just fell together in no time at all. Yet it looked to me as accurate and detailed as older versions with contained much more complex assemblies. I was very satisfied with the build experience. I highly recommend this model to all model armor enthusiasts. It can make for a nice vacation project in between those terribly complex builds.

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8 responses

  1. Just beautiful - love the finishing and weathering. Looks like the real McCoy!

  2. Awesome work. I am in the middle of making PZ Kpfw IV Ausf H (my first tank ever) in 1/72 scale, but man your project is for sure outperforming my skills. Best regards.

    • Well your aircraft look great and those are much more difficult then a tank model in grey IMHO. I am sure your little Panzer will look great. It is more difficult to squeeze level of detail painting I have achieved into a much smaller scale like 1/72. Dont think my own 1/72 tank would compare to the larger version but I am not great at small scale anything anymore. What made you decide to build in 1/72 for a tank?

  3. THAT is a hulk of steel. Looks very realistic and, as has been noted, some very convincing weathering. It’s tough to get tonal nuance in a monochromatic scheme but you are right in the sweet spot with the colouring.

    Great work, Paul.


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