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AK Real Colors Test..1/48 Beaufighter

December 28, 2018 · in Aviation · · 11 · 3.5K

My first article... on my favourite model building website..

Tamiya kit built from the box to test the new 'AK '. I have to say that these are the paints I've been looking for... Dry instantly, very tough, accurate colours, and most importantly they dry to a semi-gloss finish, which means I can start weathering right away and less gloss coats are needed, not an
issue with this Tamiya's 1/48 Beaufighter, but a few coats of gloss would obscure the rivet detail on a 1/48 Eduard Spitfire for example, or any modern high-detail kit.
Thanks for looking,
PS... I like the smell, never gonna be as good as enamels, but best acrylic smell ever...just a personal preference is all...

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  1. Owen, that is a beautiful Beau. The modulation changes and shading are great and there’s a lot of interest without any hint of the cartoon effect that the Spanish scholars are so fond of. Looks very pleasing, real, and the finish is terrific.


  2. Great looking Beaufighter, Owen. And Welcome to iModeler! Your Real colors seem to be right on the money because your paint job is excellent.

    Bravo! "Liked"

  3. I like what I see in the finish. Gonna have to check out these paints. Very nice work and a good advertisement for the paint.

    BTW - you might want to check the navigation lights at the wingtip. I've been known to forget those myself.

  4. What they would seem that my preferred line of paints has been sold to a manufacture who has decided that British paints are of no interest to the modeler. Therefore, they have discontinued the line. This new line of paint maybe the ticket. Owen you've done a very smart,tight build of a classic kit and aircraft. Looking forward to seeing more of your gifts and talents in plastic.

  5. Nice Beau Owen, and an excellent choice for your first post here:-)
    Seems that we both struck the same idea today by sharing our personal opinion about the new AK paint line, the Air Real Color, but you already have the full experience with this Beau. Have to agree they paint beautifully with the airbrush and that shows on your model.
    The smell... well it seems you love enamels so that isn’t an issue for you, but I’m a Gunze fan, no smell is the best smell 😉

  6. Wow, what an awesome welcome...thank you all so much!. I really do love these paints..and I should point out that I have nothing to do with 'AK Interactive' at all. I've used Humbrol enamels exclusively for years and only switched to acrylics quite recently, and have had no luck with them 'plastic bottle' type ones... AK, Mig, Vallejo etc,. Tamiya's are great and I haven't tried Gunze yet. As a 'quick build' modeller, one a week at least..these really suit my style. And cheers Tom (big fan, by the way) I put them lights on later.

  7. Owen, beautiful finish on a beautiful model !, Although my beloved testors enamels are going away, its an exciting time for us model guys with all the new paint products coming along, AK sounds very nice, as does some of the reports I've heard about Vellejo, Mr color, Mr paint and the new Tamiya lacquers. As for you Beafighter, it looks great. I look forward to seeing more from you. Welcome !

  8. That's an excellent looking Beaufighter Owen. And welcome to iModeler you'll enjoy it here.

  9. Acrylics? I was under the impression that these were lacquers. Can you mask over them without pealing up paint, and what do you thin them with?

  10. i've got two words...superb ;0)

  11. A lovely Beau - love the desert scheme on her. Nice paint and finish work. And welcome to iModeler!

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