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iModeler at the Movies. Klingon Bird of Prey

I know it may be too early to post, but since this was a Christmas present for my sister and is leaving today I had to get some shots.

The kit is 's BoP made up as the HMS Bounty from IV, The Voyage Home. I myself am more partial to Star Wars (although I do enjoy both) this is probably my favorite ship from Trek. With Leonard Nimoy indicating what he wanted it to look like merely with a gesture of his arms ILM took it from there and really knocked one out of the park! Even adding the three position articulating wings which makes it sit rather nicely when parked. To me the is right there with the Imperial Shuttle from Return of the Jedi for some of ILM's nicest work.

I even got a nice shot of a snowflake despite my freezing fingers!

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  1. MajQa’ Josh.

    Beautifully done Bird of Prey. I love this build. Lovely painting that’s really authentic to the the Original Series.

    Thanks for posting on the group build and I so appreciate the support.

    Heghlu’ meH QaQ jajvam!

  2. That’s way cool. Nice job.

  3. Excellent job, Josh... · on youtube
  4. Never thought of a Sci Fi build but with a 6 and 7 year old developing a healthy interest in Star Trek and Star Wars I may have a look towards the end of this GB - great stuff - Inspiring the least likely!

    • Try the Bandai Star Wars kits with him. Even if you don't paint them they end up looking really good. The parts fit is excellent (tolerance is actually so tight that prepainting can cause fit issues) so the focus can be on following the directions (which do require attention) without worrying about parts fit.

  5. Great looking Bird, Josh I've always thought a Bird of Prey was one cool looking space craft, and this model of yours reminds me I'm right!
    I don't speak Klingon, so I hope to understand yours and David's comment some day.
    Well done, my friend!

    By the way, how's your other project coming along? The BIG project?

    Happy New Year, Buddy! And Happy New Year to all y'all others here!

  6. Excellent bird of prey! Live long and prosper.

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