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Just arrived at Le Chateau du Chat

Yes indeed, after three years of “coming soon,” the H-K Lancaster has ARRIVED.

For those interested in seeing the parts if you haven’t seen them already, I suggest you go to the HK Facebook page, which has lots and lots. I can tell you from first-hand observation that the parts in-hand look just as nice as those photos, so you can trust the photos. I’m not about to open all these bags and photograph 824 parts.

Some observations:

Very high quality overall. Excellent flash-free molding. The one-piece slide molded wings are very impressive just from technological production skill.

An entire new definition of “detailed.” Complete, and I do mean *complete* Merlin engines and installations for each engine. Complete interior detail from bomb aimer’s position to tail turret. Fully detailed and bombed-up bomb bay. Parts to differentiate Mk.I from Mk.III (primarily the props). I’m sure Eduard will market a Big Ed set to end all Big Ed sets, but I can’t see why you’d get it.

When you consider the MSRP of US$330, do not compare that to the coming Tamiya Spitfire to decide if you’ll buy it. Compare it to your annual modeling budget. For people with a life, this is AT LEAST a year’s project if you take your time to just do it OOB. The kit is an enormous canvas for those who like to expand on what’s in the box.

Amazing kit.

11 responses to Just arrived at Le Chateau du Chat

  1. Impresionante! empezando por la ilustración de la caja y leyendo el artículo.La verdad es que me parecen muchos $ … quizá merezca la pena construirlo porque nunca he montado un Lancaster,
    pero tratándose de E: 1/32 definitivamente no cabe en mis vitrinas ni de cerca.
    Si lo haces ,Tom esperaré con gusto unas buenas fotos acordes con el modelo de HK Models.
    Un saludo.

  2. No doubt about it Tom, it’s impressive alright.
    Question is, are you tackling that beast throughout 2019?

  3. Thanks for the update, Tom.

    First there were no Lanc models in 1/32nd scale. Now there are several! Truly – the Golden Age of scale modeling!

    Now – all we need is a 1/32nd scale B-36! Or perhaps a Spruce Goose!

  4. I haven’t the cash or the space. But it’s a dream come true to be sure…

  5. I know I would be sent to the dog house if I spent that amount on a kit. The couch is reserved for the dog and the cats … a hard surface with wet noses. But, I have read of builds where a group of chaps ponied up the money, got the kit and divided up the kit into sections or pieces and assigned each member to build that particular area. Put together a blog and proceeded to build the kit as a group build. It took about a year and they mailed it to a designated final assembler and presented it. So if you don’t have enough money or can’t stomach the though of standing at a street corner with a sign,sun glasses and a cup while saying ; “It’s for the children.” Or hold a sign saying “Will work for plastic” ( stay away from the bell ringers)…there are ways to get your mitts on a kit. But, you have to share. Can’t play the role of Queeg in the Caine Mutiny and you’d have to keep your marbles.

    I’ve got two HK mods through barter and playing on the sympathies of the Mrs. But for half the price of a Lanc (B-25 on sale) and something about doing the ” Honey do list” and ” I own you”. Getting on your hands and knees to put in a new toilet. Replacing 3 pump motors and a mother board to a washer… if there is a will there is away and you can’t sing “don’t cry for me Argentina”.

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