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Avro Lancaster

Lancaster or York? Definitely a Lancastrian! Avro Lancastrian VH-EAS, Qantas 1949

The name "Lancastrian" may sound strange to uninitiated ears, but it has significance and weight in English history: the aristocratic party of the House of Lancaster had fought with the supporters of the House of York in the [...]

Avro Lancaster "Dambuster", Revell (04295) 1/72

As part of the "80th Anniversary of Dambuster Raid - group build!" created by Bernard @lis, I entered with the Revell kit 04295 in 1/72 scale. It was already 10 months ago that I received this kit and it still took two months [...]

Avro Lancaster B.VII

Lancaster B.VII was the final production version. The main external difference from previous marks was the slightly forward location of the upper turret. This was to compensate for the change in the inclusion of heaver 0.5 machine guns on [...]

Revell 1/72 Lancaster Mk.!

Sometimes, size does not matter. Revell's 1/72 is a gem kit that provides a solid build with ample details for its small scale. And, it does not take much space. What else can you ask for?

Avro Lancaster Mk.II

Last of the trilogy of four-engine British bombers from me. A Lancaster B.II, “Fanny Ferkin II”, JI-F, of 514 Squadron, serial no. DS842, sits quietly in the late-afternoon light before being prepared for another raid. Intended as an [...]

Tamiya 1/48 Lancaster B I/III

Two Lancaster models are presented here that differ in the engine layout and the H2S radar. Tamiya's venerable Lancaster was criticized for the poor fit of parts, especially the engine nacelles to the wings and (wrongly) for the raised [...]

Avro Lancaster B.III Dambuster Airfix 1:72

So in May we had the 80th anniversary of the Dams Raid. I have been preparing for this construction for some time, but I decided to start work around the anniversary of the event. The 1:72 scale Airfix Avro Lancaster model is well known to [...]

Revell 1:72 Avro Lancaster "Dam Buster"

This kit has really "done my head in" lol Started off really well, then turned into a "comedy of errors". First off, a decided it would be a good idea to spray the camouflage at about 3am (after a 12 hour work shift), [...]

80th anniversary BuildRevell 1/72nd Lancaster BIII special, 617 Sqd. Op. Chastise

Oh my... was this a bit of a bas*ard to build... From missing part to having to reshape the entire wing sections in order to make it fit, i totally underestimated this kit, and the length of time it would take to make it perfect. This led [...]

Monsterkit in stop motion: WWII british Nightbomber AVRO Lancaster in 1/32 from Border Model