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On This Day…January 9th.

January 9th, 1941, saw the first flight of the Avro Lancaster. Although the Lanc did not go into production until a year later, the feedback from the very first flight was excellent. Notable in this photo, as well as the drawing below, is the[...]

On This Day…January 5th

On January 5th, 1941 while flying an Airspeed Oxford for the Air Transport Axilliary from Prestwick (Scotland) to RAF Kidlington near Oxford, Amy Johnson found herself off course in poor weather conditions. Reportedly out of fuel, she bailed o[...]

100 Year RAF Anniversary GB Tamiya 1/48th Avro Lancaster Mk.BIII No. 617 Squadron Operation Chastise

16 May 1943, 19 modified Avro Lancaster Mk.BIII bombers take off from Scampton Air Field lead by W/Cdr. Guy Gibson in AJ G call sign "George" in the first wave. This flight consisted of 9 aircraft to hit the Mohne Dam, and secondary tar[...]

On This Day…December 22nd

Polikarpov I-15 biplanes under repair in Moscow, 22 Dec 1941. The I-15 was nicknamed ‘Chaika’ (seagull) due to the gulled shape of the upper wing. Always partial to a carrier. This is the USS Belleau Wood (CVL-24) as she enters Pearl Harbo[...]

Just arrived at Le Chateau du Chat

Yes indeed, after three years of "coming soon," the H-K Lancaster has ARRIVED. For those interested in seeing the parts if you haven't seen them already, I suggest you go to the HK Facebook page, which has lots and lots. I can tell you from fi[...]

On This Day…December 14th

On 14th December, 1931, Douglas Bader crashed his Bristol Bulldog while executing a roll at ‘naught feet’ in response to a dare. In the first photo below his shoes can clearly be seen in the foreground of the devastated Bulldog. He famously re[...]

Wingnut Wings 1/32 Avro Lancaster B.Mk.I/III (Early) – Manufacturer’s preview

Wingnut Wings have released a set of preview images showing details of their forthcoming 1/32 scale Lancaster. This is a mix of 3D CAD images and photos of test shot sprues. Together with our previously published set of photos showing a partiall[...]

On This Day…November 23rd.

Boone Guyton was a prolific test pilot, flying over 100 different types and marks of aircraft. This photo is him flying the V-173 (Flying Pancake) on 23rd November, 1942. He flew for Vought as a test pilot for over ten years and died at the age [...]

HK Models 1/32 Avro Lancaster Mk. I – a closer look

Somewhat overshadowed by all the recent frenzy about the Wingnut Wings’ big Lancaster, HK Models have been quietly working on completing their very own 1/32 kit of the famous RAF bomber. And now it’s here. Ready for release in December, the H[...]

On This Day…November 12th.

A really nice photo of a SBD-5 Dauntless flying over the USS Washington (with the USS Lexington in the beckground) heading toward the Gilbert Islands, 12 Nov 1943. In this photo, members of an RAF technical intelligence team are seen climbin[...]