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On This Day…March 16th

On 16th March, 1944, the 332nd Fighter Group (The Tuskegee Airmen) took delivery of three P47s in their base in Sicily to start their transition training from P40s. It was with the Thunderbolts that the air group had orders to paint the tails[...]

On This Day…March 3rd

Stirling Short Bomber in front of St. Paul’s cathedral on March 3rd as the start of a ‘Wings for Victory’ drive to raise money for aircraft. _______________ Avro Lancaster bomber suffers a ‘rough’ landing at RAF Fiskerton, March 3, 1945.[...]

On This Day…March 2nd

Crew of the U-Boat U-50 show off their Iron Crosses On March 2nd, 1940. The crew of the ‘Dreadful’ left the German-administered island of Helgoland (sometimes known as Heligoland), on 6 February 1940, U-50 en route to Scotland on her very firs[...]

On This Day…March 1st

American GI Ivan Parrott captured on film as he runs through the smoke in no man's land near Neuss, Germany during the Battle for the Rhine on 1st March 1945. _______________ More diorama bait... Lancaster of 153 Squadron, Scampton, England[...]

On This Day…February 18th

Grumman Avenger (VT-82, the ‘Devil’s Diplomats’) shows its mettle as she struggles to return to her carrier, USS Bennington, CV-20. The Avenger collided with another TBM in raids against picket shipping around Chichi Jima (pic 3, below). [...]

On This Day…February 15th

‘Friendly fire’ (in this case quite literally) was a huge problem when organising bomb runs on the massive scale that Bomber Command executed in the war with Nazi Germany. These photos, taken on February 15th, 1943 in Scampton Airfield, Englan[...]

On This Day…January 30th

British soldiers examine a downed German bomber on the morning of 30th January 1941 during the blitz on London. U.S. air policemen take cover behind their jeep as they come under sniper fire near Da Nang Airbase in Vietnam on January 30th,[...]

On This Day…January 9th.

January 9th, 1941, saw the first flight of the Avro Lancaster. Although the Lanc did not go into production until a year later, the feedback from the very first flight was excellent. Notable in this photo, as well as the drawing below, is the[...]

On This Day…January 5th

On January 5th, 1941 while flying an Airspeed Oxford for the Air Transport Axilliary from Prestwick (Scotland) to RAF Kidlington near Oxford, Amy Johnson found herself off course in poor weather conditions. Reportedly out of fuel, she bailed o[...]

100 Year RAF Anniversary GB Tamiya 1/48th Avro Lancaster Mk.BIII No. 617 Squadron Operation Chastise

16 May 1943, 19 modified Avro Lancaster Mk.BIII bombers take off from Scampton Air Field lead by W/Cdr. Guy Gibson in AJ G call sign "George" in the first wave. This flight consisted of 9 aircraft to hit the Mohne Dam, and secondary tar[...]