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Lives in Wilmington, NC but originally from Copenhagen, NY. Started scale modeling around age 8 or 9 with my first model being a Revell P40 in 1/48 scale. Lost interest for awhile but recently got back in and its been great! Hope to post some information, articles and what not here soon. Happy building everyone!

Update on Academy B17

So the past week and a half has been extremely busy, thus the table time had been put on hold. Managed to squeeze a few hours in tonight and got the bomb bay, pilot, co-pilot and instrument panel finished, as well as tape and prime the fuselage [...]

Revell B25J “Jaunty Jo”

After making the move to Wilmington, NC and settling in, this was my first build in about 4 months. I had heard issues with fitting, almost unfillable seams, and the always reliable tail sitting problem. Upon opening the box, I realized how larg[...]

Academy B17F

Had a few minutes tonight so figured I'd open her up and get the inside of the fuselage painted up and take look at the sprues. Being my first 1/72 scale aircraft I wasnt sure what to think and honestly still don't. The directions are literally [...]