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Royal Air Force Centenary Group Build – Previous Builds Presentation

December 28, 2018 · in Aviation · · 19 · 1.6K

The RAF became the first independent Air Force in the world as the Royal Flying Corps (RFC) and the Royal Naval Air Service (RNAS) were joined on April 1st 1918.

2018 has been a year celebrating the centenary of the RAF.

Over the last few weeks iModelers will have noticed a large number of articles commemorating the centenary.

Members of the RAF100 Group Build also submitted some of their older builds (in some cases very old) and this presentation represents their work.

At the turn of the year we will post a similar presentation of new builds: subjects chosen and assembled specifically to commemorate RAF100. It is not too late to submit builds of RAF subjects made since April 1st if you would like to join in with the presentation of new builds. Please visit the group and attach 1-4 photos and details including Squadron number, years in operation, pilot (if known) and significant operational details.

If you haven't had the chance to check out the huge talent on show, have a look at the WIP threads and more here:

As 'admin' for this community I'd like to thank everyone who has been involved in the previous build category in any way, from those who have submitted many models to those who simply and importantly encouraged those submissions.

As ever, Per Ardua Ad Astra - Through Struggle to The Stars!

(Note: The current version of the presentation will be edited and called final on January 20th - editing suggestions are to be pm'ed to me, or posted to the appropriate thread on the group build - please do not give 'technical critique' of models or suggestions here - this post is a commemoration.

To make suggestions for edits, visit: )

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  1. Wonderful group build Paul. Video is impressive as well. Thanks for leading this charge.

    • I'm looking forward to getting the video of 'current builds' out, Matt. This was a great deal of fun to put together - although I was a little overwhelmed by the response!

  2. Great presentation!

  3. Thanks, Paul for the opportunity of being a part of the community. Best regards

  4. Wow, Paul. This video was really well done!

  5. Very, very impressive video Paul. Loved the choice of Churchill speeches.

  6. Thank you Tom, as I watched it back, it hit home just what you've done for the 'previous' section. I can only say I am glad you are happy with it, and that RAF100 will be forever in your debt for sharing such a stunning back catalogue of builds.

  7. Great Job on the video Paul ,the music was great but the choice of adding Churchill's speeches was inspired, well done.

  8. This is one Cracker Jack of a video presentation Paul. Really well done ,adding the music as well as Churchill's speeches really sets it off. Excellent all around and a great Group Build idea as well.

    • Tom, in the end editing any set of photos into a video depends on the quality of contributions - yours and the many others have made a decent timeline possible!

  9. Paul,
    This is an amazing video that you put together. I especially like the words from Churchill too... You did an outstanding job with the whole works. I'm talking about your "admin" duties, your positive comments throughout our builds and even taking the time to post up your own works... All of this while working a full time job and taking care of your family.

    Well done my friend. Thanks for posting this, and like Tom B stated, it was a great idea for a Group Build.

    • Louis, you’d be surprised how long it has taken to put the video together. But then again I have learned to use new software so that’s great! Bizarrely I never factored in Christmas! I guess that’s a measure of how obsessed modellers can become! I’ll be happy once the next and final instalment is posted, some time in the next 24 hrs - then I can hang up my gloves admin-wise and start building again! I have an RAF100 plane to finish - something had to give! And a very quick OOB for David’s Hollywood build that I have been thinking of recently. A bit like your Me262 - something to clear the air. Then on to a ton of 2019 builds.

  10. A superb video to showcase a terrific Group Build. From a community perspective it is clear that this undertaking has been a huge success, bringing together iModelers of all nationalities and interests. Personally I just wish I’d been able to support the tribute with more actual builds.

    Great thanks, Paul, and deepest respect for a wonderfully managed and inspirational project.

  11. David I have loved the international nature of an RAF build. From the States to Poland; the Netherlands to the Antipodes; the Balkans to Blighty, and many places in between, it’s been great.

    As for your input, you took on a dog of a build while organising your own GB(s); becoming a grandfather; moving house; counselling a house full of lunatics; recovering from a case of mislaid mojo due to the garagantuan nature of the projects you envision and create; and remaining akey figure in Holding this GB together with comment and encouragement. You’ve had a busy 2018! And 2019 will only be busier with the GB, extending family and probably Brexit fall out! Good luck and massive thanks for everything across the entirety of iModeler. You don’t know how much you are appreciated!

  12. A great "watch" of fine models by folks who really know how to put glue and paint to plastic. All good.

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