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S.L.C "Maiale"

December 28, 2018 · in Ships · · 12 · 3.8K
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I do enjoy the On This Day… series from David Leigh-Smith and on his December 3rd entry there was a comment from Mon Falcone on the S.L.C that caught my eye.

This is his comment;

"December 3rd, 1941 was also the date that Decima Flottiglia MAS, an Italian commando frogmen unit, carried out the raid on Alexandria using the SLC's, ‘Maiale' manned torpedoes (or ‘Pig', in reference to its handling).
Released from the sub Scire, 3 SLC's were able to slip into the harbor unnoticed and successfully set limpet mines under two British battleships (HMS Valiant, HMS Queen Elizabeth) and a Norwegian tanker (Sagona). The tanker was written off and the battleships were out of service for some months. The destroyer, HMS Jervis, was also damaged.
After the armistice, in May 1945, the six frogmen were awarded the Gold Medal of Military Valor by Rear Admiral Charles Morgan, captain of the Valiant during the raid (!)"

I had never heard of Human Torpedo but found it so interesting that I ordered a kit the same day.
So, this has been my holiday-build and it will probably be a part of a diorama in the future.

Thanks to Mon Falcone for putting me on to this.

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  1. Interesting (and nicely done) build...never seen one before.

  2. I wasn’t aware there is a Maiale kit available these days! All photos I have of these unorthodox subs are in B&W, always thought they came in some dark blue 🙂 Thanks for posting this gem Geir, nice touch that the inspiration that got your mojo going came from a fellow iModeler

  3. Fantastic work; unusual subject with a lot of interest and very, very well built and finished. Glad that the OTD series inspired a project that turned out so well.


    • Thank you David
      I do enjoy your On This Day posts and even though I'm not a history buff by any means, I still feel respect for those that are in the situations you point out.
      Keep up the good work David!

  4. Really nice work; I like the weathering on the Miale and the figures are superb.

  5. Never seen one of these or in photo / model myself OR heard of the successful raid.

  6. Good looking pig,
    And i really like the paint work.
    Must get me one off these kits .

    Found one and got one !

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