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1/32 Scale Hawker Sea Fury T 20 “DREADNOUGHT’ Fisher Model and Pattern.

January 5, 2019 · in Aviation · · 16 · 2.2K

Here are some work in progress pictures of my that I am converting to the air racer Dreadnought. I had to make a few modifications to get the look of the real race plane, not to difficult at all, I am sure you will notice the work I have done so far.
What was really cool was that Paul included the longer cowl that accommodates the Pratt & Whitney R-4360-63 engine, as well as the racing propeller. He also included some racing wheels and he sent me the markings for the aircraft that I had made into a decal sheet at MAV Decals here in South Africa (these guys are fantastic, if you are looking for any SAAF markings, they have them all, and their prices are really good as well.)
The Polyurethane resin was a real challenge, some of the parts, such as the wing were slightly out of shape, but a little hot water managed to get them ok. The real issue so far has been with the aluminum paint from AK. I cant use the language here on this site, but it was CR #@%$&@#%$AP, to say the least, as you start with air brushing at low pressure it is as if the paint starts ok and then gets really blotchy, and patchy. Then you have to water paper the area and start again, this has been so frustrating to say the least. Give me some Tamiya Paint any day.
Sorry about the pictures, I will post better ones later.


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  1. Looking pretty good so far @marc. Question: What primer did you use, if any?

    • Hi James, I used the Humbrol 1 Primer, it works with Alclad pretty well, I had no issues with it before. The real Dreadnought has a painted silver finish, not polished aluminum. AK Paints... No don't think so... Thanks for the comment.

      • Think you are right about the paint combo. I've never done a silver or NMF before. I've been doing a little research for a future project and a majority of the models I've seen have been done over a black primer. One gentleman, if I recall correctly, used a base of black gloss enamel. Looking forward to seeing this completed.

  2. Hi Marc - Into the air racers already. I was wondering whether you might have a go at a Sea Fury since it's one of those "just right" looking a/c. I was expecting that you'd plump for something much more esoteric and unusual but, as with all your scratch-builds, this one already has the makings of something special. All the best - Paul.

  3. Marc,

    Paul Fisher's Sea Fury kits are regarded as being some of the best kits to represent the classic Hawker fighter. I was wondering... Paul's shop was wiped out in the Paradise fire that pretty much level the town. Is he up and running or did you get the kit before the fire?

    As for the model ... I feel your pain when it comes to painting things silver. Best done in the privacy of ones home while loved ones are a considerable distance. As in miles/km's. Looking forward to seeing the kit on its legs and with canopy.

    • Hi Stephen, I bought the kits just before the fire, Its really sad that he lost everything, I had a chat with him just before the fire. He also cast the F 51 racer for me as well, I hope he gets back up and running soon. Yes indeed , Silver is always an issue for me, but I will win it over. Thanks for the comment.

  4. Thanks for the link, James.

    • It was devastating what happened in California. It's a beautiful state with the constant dangers of wildfires, followed by mud slides and the ever possible earth quakes. Last I checked, the Gofundme account had raised 3 times the goal, but that will probably only make a dent in the funds he will need. He lost more than just the shop, he lost his house. The town was hit pretty hard. No sure if the infrastructure is intact to support life at the moment. He may have to relocate operations. I hope not, but if he does, I hope that he is able to move on from this and enjoy life. Looking at his Facebook page, there has been a nice response of support for him from other model makers offering tooling and apparatus required.

      Sorry @marc for dropping this in on your post. Thought it to be important for others to see.

  5. i went to reno races for 12 years and was good friends with all the owners and crews.i liked dreadnaught also.

  6. Nice work on this.

    You might want to try Vallejo acrylic metallics. Work every time, look great, no hassle.

  7. Looking great Marc!

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