Airfix Spitfire PR XIX, 1/48

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Hello, fellas!

This is my attempt at 's PR XIX. Some time ago I decided to try and add the most Spitfires variants possible to my collection, which stands at a modest 8 kits build by now, and I sure am thankful to Airfix for releasing nicely detailed and affordable kits of least common variants such as the Mk XII and this PR XIX.

The kit is simple but nicely detailed. It is built straight from the box, the only modifications being the added seatbelts, cooling flap actuators, whip antenna and drilled exhausts.

I never close the canopies on 48th scale kits, but decided against it in this particular build because I wanted to preserve the beautiful, clean lines of this aircraft.

I opted for the swedish bird because I wanted a full PRU color scheme, and even though the other option is very historically significant (the last Spitfire to fly an operarional sortie for the RAF), the story behind the swedish Spit is also very interesting: it flew recon missions over the soviet union and couldn't get caught by the early commie jets.

The only shortcoming I found are the landing gear legs: they demand trimming to fit their slots and become too flimsy to support the weight of the model. I added some superglue between the edge of the wheel well and the lg covers to strenghten the joint, but then the bulged tires didn't align properly to the ground. I'm thinking of building a simple base and adding wheel chocks to hide this little defect.

Model Master PRU enamel and Tamiya acrylics were used, with a simple pin wash of tube oils on the panel lines and exhausts, with pastel lightly rubbed to create exhaust stains. Weathering was kept light as I read that these planes were very well kept.

Thanks for looking and, as always, all feedback is welcome.

Cheers and a happy 2019 to all of you!


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  1. What a nice plane. I like it alot. This paint scheme is one of my favorites for the Spitfire, though I dont have one yet.

  2. That's a lovely S31 - well done.

  3. Awesome job dude. I really like how your Spitfire turned out!

  4. I have to admit that I'm a Spitfire fan. But that doesn't keep me to 'see'.
    In this case I have to say: What a beauty! 😀
    Nice, clean build, with crisp detail, impecable work!
    I've been a 1/72 guy, but with examples like this...

    • Some time ago I decided to stop collecting jazz albums to focus only on the Art Blakey’s lp’s - it is just too much stuff. I thought of doing the same with models, specially after my son was born and priorities shifted, so I tried to focus on the Spitfire, my favorite of all time. I failed, though, and ended up buiyng some half a dozen 109 kits as well! Thanks for the kind words, Manuel!

  5. 🙂 … Greetings … 🙂 :
    That model is such a refreshing site Thiago, at least for me … a type of SPITFRE not normally seen, the color scheme makes it stand out and the national markings are so not expected.
    A complete joy too see.

  6. That's a really cool scheme - the Swedish markings - for a Spit - I really like it. Great job on the finishing and detail work - a beautiful model.

  7. A very pretty Spitty.


  8. Nice! Looks great Swedish scheme.

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