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Hasegawa 1/48 Airacobra Mk.I

January 31, 2019 · in Aviation · · 29 ≡

Used Ultracast seat, Vector .30 cal. gun barrels, Zoom cockpit and some resin from the Aires set. 20 mm canon barrel from brass tubing. Color of Eagles and Pollyscale paints used as well as Tamiya weathering powder. Note on the paint scheme. These planes were delivered in dark green/dark earth and sky. Upon arrival they were to be repainted in the new dark green/ocean grey and medium sea grey scheme. Ocean grey was in short supply so a mixed grey ( 7 parts medium sea grey 1 part black ) was used for the upper surface. This was applied directly over the dark earth which was specified to overlap by 4 in. but in practice exceeded that.

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  1. This is a very nice Airacobra. One of the prettiest I've seen, outstanding work.

  2. Good lookin' build...and welcome to the forum - a great site for all modelers.

  3. Thanks. Seems to have a better temperament on this site than others!

  4. Very nice looking aircraft

  5. Lovely Cobra, Dale. For my money she’s right in the ‘Goldilocks’ zone in terms of the weathering. Great to see one in the RAF livery. Beautifully done camouflage.

    Welcome to the site!


  6. Marvellous, Dale.
    Where on earth did you get this information about paint schemes? Seems you have a doctor’s degree in Aircobras ...

  7. Thanks for your nice comment. No real brain power, just a good reference! There's a book titled " Camouflage & Markings R.A.F. Fighter Command 1936-1945" that has a wealth of information. Should be able to find a copy on Amazon.

  8. Looks great in the RAF scheme!

  9. What a lovely looking model. Dale did you do something with the leading edge of the wing? I believe Eduard kind of made it a little more square than whats needed for the leading edge. Your model doesn't show that feature or did Hasegawa retool the wing? Either way it all works and as David pointed out it is a "Goldilocks " build. It rings the bell for two thumbs up.

    • Thanks for your nice comments. Just built it the way it comes in the kit. I also have built the Eduard kit and I find the Hasegawa kit superior with better wing and cockpit detail. The Eduard kit needs substantial thinning of the trailing edges of the wings.

  10. Ummm... the 4" overlap ordered was to go onto the dark green by up to 4 inches. I can see how it might be confusing; I wish the old Camouflage and Markings booklets were still in print, because the one for the Airacobra went into this in detail.

    • How could the overlap be on the dark green when clearly the dark earth is showing between the green and grey? If it was supposed to be that way it would have been simple to paint the grey over the green with no dark earth showing.

      Whichever way it was supposed to be, the color that shows between the green and grey is dark earth.

  11. Nice job sir.

  12. Very striking scheme Dale, need to look at the archives, as I believe this may be the first P-39 in this scheme presented here. It just pops right off the page. Well done and welcome to Imodeler. Looking forward to more of your builds. Thanks for sharing.

  13. Dale, very nice all around, I didn't realized the RAF did that with the paint over. Very interesting ! Your overall build looks very nice, with a nice touch of weathering. Well done !

  14. Nicely done Dale!

  15. Great job! I like this kind of camo - I think these US planes (especially P-47 and the Airacobra) looks way much better in english livery.

  16. Great job with the Airacobra Dale, I like it a lot. One of my favorite A/C to model and have posted several of them here. Haven't done one with the RAF scheme yet, but you've given me some inspiration to do so. Welcome to iModeler, I'm sure you'll like it here.

  17. I have to join the fan club on this one. That’s a great looking model! Very well done. The front office looks outstanding.

  18. Thanks to all for the nice comments!

  19. Hi Dale , I don't know quite why but I've never been a fan of this aircraft with it's funny looking car style door and tricycle landing gear and the engine in the wrong place ( LOL) but you have made a stunning job of this one, and it looks great in RAF camo so well done to you sir and welcome to the site,I'm looking forward to seeing more of your work.

    Oh and extra well done for joining the "I got Cleaver'd club " on you first attempt most of us have been here a long time before we get one, it's really quite an honor.

    Cheers Neil.

  20. Very, very nice Dale. Looks really good in RAF camouflage. Love your weathering & cockpit detail too. I agree with your comments about the Eduard kit. Welcome aboard!

  21. Very nicely done! Great finishing and detail work. A beautiful model.

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