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Mercury Spacecraft from HORIZON MODELS 1/72

January 10, 2019 · in Space · · 14 · 1.6K

from Australia are specialized on spacecraft from the cold war era. They produce launch systems and modules, too. The kit was a birthday surprise from my lovely wife. It also includes a stand and the logo. I built an unmanned and a manned version (this one including a window). These capsules were transported into the orbit by Atlas and later Redstone rockets. Famous John Glenn was one of these astronauts.
Hope you like that topic.

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  1. Simple - but icons of an era! Very nice.

  2. Cute!
    Considering the scale 1/72 I guess they are quite small objects.
    Now you have to add a Gemini and an Apollo capsule in the collection!

  3. I have the Revell version in 1/48 and IT'S small! This must be tiny! With Dragon doing the Saturn V and Monogram the Shuttle stack in 1/72 seems like every rocket could be done since the upper end of the scale of operational rockets is covered. Do they make a version with the entire Atlas or Redstone? The corrugated detail looks really well done and in scale. How did the decals settlle in?

    • Yes, you are right, Josh-all this was working on miniature and yes: they also offer kits including the rockets (besides rockets and capsules for their selves). I also like the corrugated surface, but fixing the decals was not easy; altough I did use DACO (the
      strong version) setting solution I was not satisfied with the result. I tried to fix it with FUTURE covers later (but once it silvers you do have no chance...)/BR Michael

  4. Nice! A lot more detail then the Revell 1/48th kit.

  5. when my parents moved to Okinawa in 1961-62 they left the TV in the we relied on radio , newspapers and newsweek...i remember mom telling my sister and myself to get down on our knees and pray for john glenn [dad was at sea]...john was seeing the fireflies outside the capsule window and the press knew it and the whole world prayed for him...willie mays was on a rip and tear in san francisco and i was reading about the Eichmann trial every day...9-10 years old...and of course i followed mantle and marris going for the babes record... the dodgers were just awesome under don drysdale in those brought up all these precious memories...alan shepard , scott carpenter...the X-15... thank you

  6. Nice work...the box art depicts the escape rocket assembly - I assume the kit did not include it or you chose not to attach it.

    • Dear Craig, actually this kit also includes the escape rocket system. But I decided not to use it because to my taste it does not fit in this scale. Thank you for your comment.

  7. Michael, well done! Like Peter said, in 1/72 scale it must be tiny! In that scale, are there any interior details? I kinda doubt it, but I thought I'd ask.

    • Dear Jeff, thank you very much also for this comment. It is really tiny (I should have placed some coin besides that object while making pictures to show the relation...).
      No, there are no interior details includes (guess that would be something for watchmakers using microscopes...)/BR Michael

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