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Hasegawa 1:48 Nakajima B6N2 Tenzan (Heavenly Mountain) “Jill”

February 16, 2019 · in Aviation · · 22 · 2.7K

Captured B6N2 Tenzan ("") at NAS Anacosta as tested by US Navy personnel of the TAIC (Technical Air Intelligence Center) after the war to obtain information about design, performance, capability. Final fate unknown. A very nice model with very few issues, the main one being that I couldn't get a flush fit on the three small fuselage windows. These were meant to be installed after the fuselage was put together but the were a tad too big. I made my own windows using Elmser's Clear Glue dabbed on a round toothpick and run around the openings. I did this twice to get a flush fit. I used Fantasy Printshop stars and bars for the small fuselage decals. These refused to settle into the panel lines using various decal solutions. I ended up soaking a cloth in very hot water and pressed them onto the decals. Wing stars and bars came from the stash. TAIC markings came from Rising Decals "Dying Sun Pt. III" but were originally meant for a Ki.45. The "S 19" was made on decal paper. The rudder markings were painted using Vallejo White primer and Tamiya Red and Blue. NMF was a very old bottle of Vallejo Model Air Chrome Silver and Tamiya Flat Aluminum for the moving surfaces. Tamiya Nato Black for the anti-glare panel and Metallic Blue for the wing folds, wheel wells/gear covers. The interior was sprayed with Tamiya Khaki

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  1. Stunning build, George...I really like this one.

  2. Yes... exactly what Craig said ! It really looks good in TAIC markings... you just don't see them painted like this every day, much less seeing one of these kits built. (which is a shame, since these Hasegawa kits are very nice). It's really cool that you managed to find an actual photo of the plane.

    Two thumbs up Sir !
    and "liked"

  3. George, This is really cool !, I really like the very attractive scheme. I have this kit and have found some really nice NMF schemes (that I had never seen before), its nice to see one done. Well done !

  4. Really attractive scheme, well done!

  5. Wow, very nice model George, the polished aluminium looks terrific. Since I don’t know the kit, I am wondering if the folding wings are provided or is it an AM insert?
    About thick decals that don’t conform to the surface details, one trick I often use is the hair drier. A few seconds of really hot air blown at it usually does it.

  6. Another classic from the Henderson Model Shop. Nicely done George, I'm impressed you found a photo of the actual A/C. Job well done, Woolf, Woolf.

  7. Appreciated Tom. There are about five other photos of this aircraft as well(much better quality too) but I choose this one as I didn't have to worry about copyright issues. One of the few good points about Wiki is that they reference their photos and you can tell if its "Public Domain" or who the owner of the photo is

  8. Beautifully done, George, and the fact you’ve built and finished her ‘clean’ really adds to the overall effect in a very pretty project. I love these ‘captured wings’ builds - this is a classic,


  9. that is some fine work sir

  10. That's really nice, George. Excellent result, as everyone else has chorused.

    You can do the wings unfolded, but as you mentioned, it's a bit of a hassle (mostly in just getting them aligned along the fold line - the trick is to glue the inner and outer before joining upper and lower, and running some evergreen strip inside to strengthen the join).

    A really unusual - and good! - choice of markings.

  11. Thank you Tom. A great tip

  12. George, truly one of your best.

  13. Great clean build, and an interesting scheme.

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