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Gotta keep up with the Seitz’s…1/48 P-40’s I got….

March 18, 2013 · in Aviation · · 13 · 7.6K

start with this'un, a 57th FG "Scorpion", a "K". I believe the pilot's name was Overcash, a successful Ace. Turns out this decal sheet I used was not entirely accurate, but the skull is still cool. This Sand over Olive Drab scheme is fun to weather, fade it and chip it in OD. You cat owners will recognize some of the base material...

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  1. Gotta be the coolest P-40 I've ever seen...!

  2. That's a lovely rendition of the desert scheme, Bill. Excellent construction work on a demonstrably fiddly kit- looking forward to seeing more of your Warhawks. By the way, cats don't have owners- they have "staff".

  3. Now that right there's one of the better P-40 builds I've seen - in any scale. The desert scheme really lends itself to the eye-popping, panel line demarcation(s), the weathering/exhaust staining, and all the other little details. The viewers overall perception of the kit is accentuated by the nicely done base as well. A 'ten' from me with no hesitation, sir. Excellent work.

  4. I really like this P-40 Bill. I think you did an excellent job on it. The color looks just right. Excellent finish work also I can only say I REALLY LIKE IT!

  5. Yeah yeah, another one done to the exact same standard of excellence!

    I love building P-40s and this one makes me want to take out my P-40K and do the Barracuda Decals 79th FG scheme. "Inspirational modeling" indeed. And another boring 10.

  6. Very nice "K". Gotta do one myself.

  7. Damn Bill, did you ever build something that looked like c**p? Gee that's good looking P-40.

  8. Ha ha ha ha ha Good one Bill! (Wait till later...)
    Nice job on this beauty, (As always) Love the weathering because that's what really makes the model look like it has personality...? Is that possible?
    Another great job sir and I'll see you on the 28th.


  9. Of all the model plane kits I've done, only three are in the desert/brown/tan scheme, and the very first one of those was a P-40[?]. It hangs from the ceiling with two bombs falling under it. I'm glad it's hung way up there, so I don't have to compare it to this fine example of the modeling craft. Excellent results!

  10. Thanks much to all youse guys for the positive reinforcement, makes my day!

  11. Ahh... better late than never I suppose- Another BK masterpiece. Darned glad you don't build 1/48 any more... I wouldn't have a chance. Superb dry looking desert finish & nice execution on the wear of the sand over O.D. Lovely tire finish too! Agree with Tom... same old boring Koppos excellence! 😉

  12. Definitely a bar setter for sure. Wow.

  13. Gorgeous P-40. The base really takes it home too!

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