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March 3, 2019 · in Automotive · · 11 · 1.7K

Hi everybody!

So this is going to be my first ever attempt at building a model. I was persuaded to buy one the other day by one of your members, Richard Mcstay. He is going to teach me how to build it and even let me use his airbrush! I'll be doing a work in progress on the build over in the automotive group, any advice or tips are welcome.
If it goes well I might even build another one...

Also pictured is my whippet and his name is Beef. He will be offering me moral support for the build!

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  1. Evelynn, Welcome! And good luck with your project. With each model i build I always learn something new about the subject and modeling skills. Looking forward to seeing your progress and many future builds. KEEP IT FUN and enjoy the journey! BTW: my 15 year old Golden is normally lying on the floor with each model I build.

  2. When I saw the photo of the pooch and read the article, it seemed like the whippet was writing...thought, “Richard’s good, but bloody hell, teaching your dog to model...and to type”

  3. A warm welcome to iModeler, Evelynn (and "Beef" looks nice and warm as well). 🙂

  4. Welcome to the forum. I'm not a car builder but if the Tamiya cars are anything like their aircraft you shouldn't have any problems. As Gary says, "Keep it fun". and keep the nightmares(I'm looking at you Hobbycraft) for when you get better

  5. A warm welcome Evelynn and to your pup Beef. Looking forward to completion of your Subby Impreza WRX. Have fun. My Chloe likes to curl up near the bench while I'm at work on the projects. Great companion to have nearby.

  6. Welcome Evelynn, and have some fun with that Impreza.

  7. Thanks for the comments! I'm enjoying the build so far and have uploaded a few pics of my progress in the Automotive group. 🙂

  8. My advice is don't get locked in a subject. I mainly do aircraft, but for a break I'll dabble in cars and sci-fi (or even restoring G1 Transformers). I'm even trying armor/scratch building by turning an Oshkosh Truck HMMT into an off road camper! The Trumpy kit is quite an awesome build on its own! You'll find most skills you will acquire building cars will be multi purpose tools and work just as well in other areas! Last but not least, welcome to iModeler and the hobby in general. We need more people like you or this hobby may just be squashed by those seeking instant gratification buying pre-made models!

  9. Welcome to the madhouse Evelynn!

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