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H-208 revisited, Revell F-111B 1/72

The ancient kit gave you the choice of the USAF ‘ A ‘ or the Navy ‘B’, and working landing gear ,I was going to glue them down but my shaky fingers couldn’t get it done, so gear up. I’ve done this kit when I was younger, the gear can be made to work. I added an IR sensor under the nose and a tail hook and fairing to the rear. The last photo is of the second kit that I did in the before time. The F-111 program was an attempt at commonality between the Navy and USAF. Seven F-111B’s were built before being rejected by the Navy.

11 additional images. Click to enlarge.

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  1. This one looks fast even sitting still !!!!!!!!! I no longer build in this scale because of my eyesight, so I completely understand the landing gear built in the up position…………………..

    I especially like how you have included the box top and the older F-4B sitting next to it………….I built that one too as a child. Monogram kit if memory serves me ??? These Revell kits were king of the hill way back then. I remember building the Doolittle Raider B-25, the Memphis Belle B-17, and the Dam Buster Lancaster……. all were “leaders of the pack” at that time, not to mention the 1/32 scale beauties Revell made then.

    Thanks for sharing this one with us Robert.


    • Thanks, Louis. Ditto on some of your old builds, I may not have the models any more, but I’ve saved almost all my instruction sheets, I really don’t know why, just a quirk I guess.

      1 attached image. Click to enlarge.

  2. Ah yes one of McNamara’s great ideas that didn’t quite work out. Looks good Robert.

  3. Nice looking 111 Robert. I remember building that kit way back when too. I always thought the Navy F-11B was a good looking bird.
    Welcome to iModeler Robert, look forward to seeing more of your work.

  4. Nice clean build, Robert…..I like it.

  5. Yeah – hard to imagine seeing a 111 set up for a catapult launch! Nice work on an interesting “what if.”

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