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General Dynamics F-111 Aardvark

Academy 1/48 F-111E

The origins of the F-111 can be traced back to the early 60s, when both the USAF and USN were seeking their new supersonic, heavily armed, twin seat, twin engine aircraft, where Robert McNamara, then Secretary of Defense, formally directed [...]


Happy 2024 to all and much productive bench time. As Always...KEEP IT FUN! 2023 Output. Model Shipway's 18th Century Long Boat HALBERD MODELS 1/48 LIMITED EDITION RESIN PIPER ENFORCER / EDUARD 1/48 F-6D/K No.82103 Tamiya 1/48U.S. M20 [...]


Sometimes in our modeling journey we get involved with builds we had no intention of building but are glad we did. This was one such build for me. My co-worker, Phil, who was a F-111 munitions maintenance ground crewman, based at Nellis [...]

General Dynamics F 111C, A8-125, 1 Sqn RAAF, Amberley Qld 1998.

1/72 Hasegawa, my third F 111, started 2013, finished for the Nose Art GB 2018, more pic's and details there, celebrating 25 years of service with the RAAF.

What If F111K RAF

This is the first of my "what if" F-111 K's. The registration is the actual first one in the block set aside for the F-111 after TSR2 was cancelled. I have painted her as the first one to be handed over at a ceremony at General [...]

A Tail of two Aardvarks

1/72 Hasegawa F-111D, s/n 68-0150, Cannon AFB, NM, 1979 At Squadron-MMD’s EagleQuest modeling show last year, I showed a friend, Jerry Hendrickson, a photo of an F-111D I was flying when I lost most of my rudder on a supersonic run many [...]

H-208 revisited, Revell F-111B 1/72

The ancient kit gave you the choice of the USAF ' A ' or the Navy 'B', and working landing gear ,I was going to glue them down but my shaky fingers couldn't get it done, so gear up. I've done this kit when I was younger, the gear can be [...]

“What If” F-111K RAF

I'm not a great one for "what if" modelling, but I made an exception on this because this so nearly DID happen. When the Labour party cancelled the TSR2 (the best strike aircraft the RAF never had) they then bought into the [...]

Assorted Cold War Warriors – 1/1

Here are some assorted photos dad took at various locations when he stumbled upon interesting aircraft. Whenever I asked him if there were any aircraft he always wanted to fly that he never got a chance to, the F-86 and P-51 are the two [...]

Review: Hobby Boss 1/48 F-111D/E Aardvark Review (Re uplaoded Video)