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Junkers Ju-87 Stuka Tank Buster

March 5, 2019 · in Aviation · · 7 · 2.8K

I made this one a while ago when I first started. I thought I'd share it to yall because I am really considering changing the paint job on it. This one, when I made it, was done by sketching a wing, then adding the angular green and dark green shapes to it. Then I painted it white and translated it onto the plane. Then I painted the colors I liked. However, when I got this kit made by , I am not sure if it was missing parts. There is one section, behind the intake in the front, that really bothers me, as it is basically a big hole. Once again, I am thinking about redoing this one. What is your guys' opinions?

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  1. Just realizing the crappy pictures, sorry guys.

  2. Personally, I wouldn't change anything. As you said, it's one of the first models you made and, if nothing else, can stand as an inspiration to you as your skills improve. When you look back at the "beginnings" and think about how far you've come in the hobby, it'll bolster your confidence through the coming years. Just my .02

    By the way, that must be some kinda glue holding on that canopy. Don't think I've ever seen such a unique way of displaying an airplane... 🙂 🙂

    • It was just the normal, everyday, cheap clear parts glue haha.

    • Craig is right. There are more mistakes to this model than I can list. But probably about as many as anyone's first model. Keep it as is, to show yourself as the future of your involvement in this hobby reveals, how much you have learned (and how fast).

      As "Uhhhhhhh!" as it is, it demonstrates Potential. Now live up to it. You have the ability.

  3. Looks good jordyn! You may could add a wash to give it a little more depth, but it still looks great! Keep on modelling and you get more experience with every one you make!

  4. Keep it as it is. I have my son's very first model, a Revell 1/48 P-51. He's 36 now and still likes seeing it. He remembers doing it and thought it was a great job. Don't change a thing.

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