Heavily Weathered KI-43-I Hayabusa

April 11, 2019 · in Aviation · · 21 Comments

This kit has been around for quite some time,and,after getting an old one,I knew it was time to build it and test some techniques...

21 responses

  1. First steps were – as usual – assembly of cockpit parts,in this kit a nice surprise

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  2. Next,with no troubles,joining fuselages and wings:

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  3. Then,it was time for the silver undercoat,in this case Humbrol 11:

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  4. The camouflage was a SEA one,using a weathered IJA Brown,by means of Tamiya XF-64 diluted just with common household alcohol and no retarder:

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  5. Afterwards,due to the brown being heavily 'stiff' on the Humbrol 11,I began chipping with sticks,hard point tools, and whatever was available to mix a bit those scratches,plus some light sanding,too.The result was this:

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  6. Next camo polishing the brown,as to varnish it in prep to decalling,and then application of the decals and some wash here and there:

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  7. Finally a semi-gloss varnish and I called it a day.Hope you like it!

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  8. Outstanding, Marcus! I really like the Oscar. It's a fine looking, if early, aircraft.


  9. Turned out spectacularly, sir...good job !

  10. Love it. Great job

  11. I agree with everyone above ! Well done my friend...


  12. Sharp. Those Nichimo kits always turn out well.

  13. Beautiful, I do not understand why I have not built the model yet

  14. Very nice work. Intresting contrast between the heavy weathering of the upper surfaces and nearly no weathering on the lower surfaces and especially the spinner.

  15. That's a great looking Oscar that's seen a lot of use.

  16. very nicely done and nichimo

  17. Thank you all for the kind comments!

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