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"HUNS" over Europe

May 26, 2019 · in Aviation · · 26 ≡

My special field of interest are cold war jets in their colorfull unit markings. Today I want to show you one of those birds, 's D "Super " in 1:32 scale. With a couple of corrections a nice "Hun" can be built of of that chinese kit. First of all I have to mention the incorrect air intake, which I have replaced by a ZACTO product. This type of facelift gives the Hun that realistic look.

Finish is as usual kitchen foil, using only the flat backside of the foil, because that looks more realistic.
Markings show the personal aircraft of the commander of the 50th Tactical Fighter Wing while stationed at Toul-Rosiere, France 1960. All in all it was really fun to build that model in the big scale .
Although no Shelters were in use at that time, I coud'nt resist to put the model in front of a picture of a NATO shelter and a type of diorama was born. Or a what if ?

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  1. love that natural metal! my only criticism would be that you need to post more photos! love to see more.

  2. Agree with Paul...more...more...more...pulleeze

  3. That is one "Super" Sabre. Agreed, more pics, that one is quite impressive. It pops right off the page. Thanks for the heads up on the intake.

  4. One of THE BEST F-100 presentations I've seen...but as "they" said - more pics would make the post even better! 🙂

  5. Very nice. Really realistic result.

  6. Wow, that NMF is unbeatable. The metal foil sure reproduces the shiny aluminum surfaces of the plane. Fantastic

  7. All of the above! Real nice!

  8. STUNNING ! I love it... Foil is best to replicate a natural aluminum finish. It has the best shine that you can't replicate too easily using paints. These planes were beautiful ...

    well done, and "liked"

  9. Wow, this is great! Whet type of glue works best on this foil and how large the individual pieces of foil do you generally use? Very much liked!

    • Hello Michel,
      I cut out a large variety of foil pieces as you can see on the picture. As an adhesive I'm using a not too fast drying lacquer. After a certain time when the lacquer starts to dry,
      I put the foil piece onto the model.

      1 attached image. Click to enlarge.

  10. Peter, This looks really nice, I'd love to see more pictures !

  11. Wow, I have never expected so many positive comments on my Hun model. Thank you so
    much for your interest. More Pictures ? No Problem, here thes are.

    7 attached images. Click to enlarge.

  12. Nothing looks more like real aluminum than real aluminum! For the discolored area around the afterburner it looks like you used paint. How does the foil take it? Any special prep?

  13. Peter, everybody has already said it! This is just a fantastic model. Realistic, beautifully built & finished & displaying a level of expertise & imagination most would envy. And some excellent photos as well. Show us some more, please!

  14. A beauty of a Hun - my favorite Century Series jet! Foil work is fantastic, including all the metal staining at the aft end. Excellent!

  15. Hello Peter,
    Outstanding finish. Outstanding photography.
    I will keep it short, but deserves much more comment.
    Regards, Dirk

  16. Peter, THAT is different class. I love every single aspect of this build. Yes, th NMF is fantastic but it doesn’t overpower the class of your modeling.

    ‘Liked’ - very, very much.

  17. Once again thank you so much for your very kind comments on my models. I have the impression that the "Hun" is much more popular that I had expected. This encourages me to show you another of my Hun-models in NMF, this time F-100 D-90-NA s/n 56-3307, personal aircraft of the commander of the 417 Tactical Fighter Squadron stationed at Toul-Rosiere,France 1957. Hope you'll like this model too.

    4 attached images. Click to enlarge.

  18. Hi dear Peter, I follow your models with interest and appreciation long time. Finally i want to try using kitchen foil and make 1/48 F-100. But i want to ask you, what process at the decals and varnish application? So what's the ranking? Foil later clear coat later decal later matte coat? Because the decals in the foil application remain prominent and raised. What I need to do to protect the decals and foil? I look forward to the continuation of your great works. Thanks in advance for your help.

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