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iModeler February Awards

March 11, 2015 · in Uncategorized · · 27 · 1.8K

Once again it's time to announce the results of our monthly competition. 78 new articles and 1191 comments were posted at iModeler during February; another good month with exciting new articles posted daily!

As usual, we are awarding the iModeler Best in Show title to the entry that wins this month's prize, but also list runner-ups as Honorable Mentions. We think that all are great modeling accomplishments that deserve recognition. The judging committee was @editor, @aisak and @magnusf.

iModeler Best in Show - February 2015

In the final round of our judging it all came down to two models, each in a beautiful red livery and both representing a pinnacle of a modelers' art. This was not the first time when the popular vote (your comments and likes) helped us to elect this month's winner - if only by the narrowest of margins!

Just like the readers did, we think that Kevin Payne's 1/72 vac-formed Vickers Vanguard is a fabulous modeling achievement and a worthy winner of this month's award.

Kevin will be receiving our main kit prize this month.

But wait, there is more! – the Random Award

We are also awarding a prize as a token of appreciation to all our contributors. This is selected through an entirely random draw among all the entries of the month. This time, our lucky winner is Paul Mahoney and his Fine Molds 1/48 Ki-10 "Perry". A big thank you for making iModeler such a great modeling hangout!

Honorable Mentions: Our Extraordinary Finalists

(in no particular order)

1. Eric Galliers - 1/32 Aerotech DH-88 Comet `Grosvernor House'
2. K. J. Bricknell - Hansa-Brandenburg W.12 (Early) - Wingnut Wings
3. Millo Lucian - 1/32 Trumpeter. Mig-23 MLA
4. Rob Anderson - Last Call…… The Panther is Finished!
5. Marek Halas - Eduard Yak-3
6. Rob Pollock - Royal Caroline, 1749
7. Merrill Anderson - Tamiya Mark IV in a French town 1917

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27 responses

  1. Congratulations Kevin Payne for turning a vacuform kit into a work of art. A solid build of one of the more elegant British turbo props to grace the skies.

    Take note that the decision to award was made simple..."This was not the first time when the popular vote (your comments and likes) helped us to elect this month’s winner ". All the more reason to have a peoples choice award to remove any undo influence of out side influence (written with tongue in cheek.) This build was a slam dunk right from the get go. Again,congratulations Kevin for showing a wonderful build.

    • We always consider the user commentary and ranking gathered by the articles as part of our judgement. This is described in detail in our contest rules

      We do not, however, use it a a sole criterion to select nominees. It could be argued that an article that receives most likes and comments could be a given winner. Regrettably, when used alone such system is rather easy to manipulate, for example by asking one's family and random friends to vote, not to mention the obvious difference between the number of comments and what's being said. Which is one of the reasons why we are considering other elements and the good portion of sound judgement in the process.

      • The "Top Dog" winner for the month is well deserved. Vacuform, as a medium, is nothing to sneeze at. So much re-work is required, and skill, that to finish such a beautiful model (as in this case) is an exceptional accomplishment. In fact it's close to scratch building. Most folk on here are in it for the "fun" and sense of creative accomplishment, I don't think a contest should be a sore point to leave this group over. That said, a judging contest results, no matter how well intended, always seems to fry some people's butts. Most builders consider their work to be "above the cut" and worthy of some appropriate award. But if human beings are involved in the judging process, human imperfection is always an issue. In a perfect world the best build (of anything) would take top honors, but this is almost never the case. I would suggest that the contest be eliminated and this site should be an exhibition of people's efforts without an eye to pass judgement on their modeling capabilities. BUT if this is not to be, perhaps a better system of judging could be conceived. My suggestion is this: everyone (that is a member in good standing) that posts a Headline model build (at least one) in a month gets one vote and only one. No model post, no vote. Since we can't view the model at the builders home, photos are a big contributing factor of the model posting and judging. This would prevent a manipulation of the voting by non contributers and family members. All this is just my personal suggestion, "your results may vary". And of couse there would be a certain amount of work to tally up the votes. Personally, competition in contests made me a better modeler. But viewing exceptional models can inspire one to "take their build to the next level" without trying to take home a blue ribbon. Ok, I'll get off my soapbox, this is an EXCEPTIONAL modeling site...congrates to all the winners.

        • I think Mikes idea is sound and no award (Model) should be given to the peoples choice award. Rather, voters would be recognizing a modelers work and photography. No pot of gold but a way of giving a standing ovation for doing a well done job. On the other hand, I can see the judging and rewarding of Modelers from a select group being a good idea to promote the hobby and inspire the winners to do more award winning work. While doing more posts and answering questions raised by us poor sods who would like to improve our modeling skills. Another point would be allowing folks to participate in the process, the models being submitted for articles done to a high standard. Having two groups of though would be of interest and allow both sides of the coin to participate and appreciate the hobby. This also, would help remove any perception of the human condition being imperfect. Heck, you might get more people to register, show and vote. The goal here is to recognize,appreciate,participate and do the hobby.

  2. Nice work by one and all...congrats to everyone.

  3. That Vanguard is definitely a winner, congratulations to Kevin, and the other prizewinners.

  4. If that Vanguard hadn't won, I'd have quit this club. The. Best. Model. Ever. Shown. Here. The fact it was a vacuform (and not a great one) gave it 100 more points in my book. The other winners are creators of great work, but the Vanguard is head and shoulders above. I've seen that kit in its bag, so I know just how masochistic the modeler had to be.

    • I certainly hope that there wouldn't be a need for anyone to "quit the club" because of a humble competition announcement... For natural reasons, the judges are but human beings and this is in essence a beauty, ehm modeling contest. Having said that, yes we're taking this task very seriously, I hope it shows 🙂

      • Tom wouldn't have "quit the club" was simply a euphemism used to express his opinion regarding the choice of the best in show award.

      • Jeez, I can't believe you people take a bit of hyperbole and turn it into Mount Everest of Modeling. I was merely saying that this is the best model I have seen here, and there is a helluva lot of competition for that. I once was at a model contest back in 1995 when a guy (OK, his name is Robert Karr, go google his website and tell me I am wrong when I call him a master) walked in with a 1/32 scratchbuilt B.E.2c that could have been mistaken for a WNW kit today. He put it in "vacuforms and scratcbuilt," and every modeler there who had ever tried something vacuformed or scratchbuilt was unanimous it was fantastic. It didn't place. Three very easy vacuforms won. That's because modelers who didn't know what they were looking at judged the category, since no one could judge what they actually were expert at, since they were competitors in the class. I once suggested that judges should be people who didn't enter models, so they could judge what they knew, and have a special table to display their models so people would be able to see they knew what they were doing, and get special awards for judging. The Chief Pot Hunter of the club, a guy with a dead-end job in real life only relieved by all the chrome-plated plastic model awards he had on his wall, said that if he couldn't compete and be a judge, he would leave the club.

        That was the day I stopped going to model clubs and participating in contests for chrome-plated plastic model awards.

        I was surprised to get an award here, and I would gladly give it back if it led to no more model contests here. if that leads to some people leaving, the site will be the winner.

  5. Yes a worthy winner, and well done everyone else.

  6. I have no problems here, a fine build by Kevin, and the rest of the mentions.
    I would also like to thank all those who have contributed to this forum in the past.
    May there be many more great builds in the future.

  7. I congratulate!


  8. Richly deserved, Kevin. A truly inspirational build. Looking forward to seeing your next production.

  9. Everything I thought about saying has been said. Congratulations to all and well deserved. Kevin,your skill,to me, is overwhelming. I am in awe. Without taking away from all the winners, I love the Comet.

  10. First off, Congrat's to Kevin for winning with his Vanguard. Well deserved for an extremely nice model.

    You know, I'm new to this sight and enjoy it very much, and one of the things I enjoy most is that I consider this a gentlemen's web sight. We are model guys after all, I wouldn't expect anything less.

    As for the contest here. However you want to do it is OK by me. Personally I like the way its done, (I'm guessing, that the Winner and Random award winner each win a model) ?

    As for my opinion, I like the idea of having a monthly contest. It's a little more inspiration to all of us to get something posted at least every month. As long as their is not a pattern of the same winner every month, its good.

    I too agree with Mike, contest inspire me to do better.

  11. Beautiful builds, Congrats to all this talented modellers, creating these stunners. ( That mean not only the winners )

  12. Hi
    Just like to thank everyone on their kind words on my model, I am a modest modeller, as I know there are better more talented modellers than me, I only have to view the other models on here and other web sites to get inspiration, and as I am new to this forum, I did not even know I was entering the model into a contest, but it is much appreciated
    The model as you know is the Gene Hooker vacform, which took me 2 years on and off, as I only get the chance to do modelling on a Saturday, the kit was a challenge especially for me but it was enjoyable as that is what our hobby is all about, again I thank everyone for your generous words


  13. Congratulations to everyone recognized this month. These standards are what remind me I am still an amateur in this game! But give me a push to better my own abilities as a modeler. Even If I never reach that level it will still be a lot of fun trying!

  14. Perhaps I am different from everyone else here, but I doubt it, from the work I see and the comments I read.

    Nobody needs a contest to know whether what they did mattered, or whether it was better or worse than what they know themselves capable of.

    I'd like to think that all modelers are like the modelers and other creative artists I know, who see each thing they do as an opportunity to better themselves, to demonstrate their knowledge, skill and ability by taking what they see others do, using that as inspiration, and taking another step in their own personal growth as a creative individual.

    Of course, then I go to the Facebook model pages and know I am sadly mistaken and that me and the people I know are a distinct minority in the hobby. If that makes me an elitist, sorry, I've been one all my life, and I enjoy the company of those who inspire me by their work to improve my own.

    • How about having the club commission a build or give a model to a fellow modeler to build and then post and comment. Rather than declare a "Winner" who can nail another trophy on the wall and forget about it. A modeler having a commission would create a sense of obligation and a opportunity to create a teachable moment. Followed by a posting a question and answer period. Great way of promoting,inspiring and educating with out having losers and a single winner. Most of this already being done. Its a matter of semantics ...drop the winner and replace it with a commissioned build. This months commissioned build goes to so and so and were looking forward to admiring more of his or her work. Followed by a post and question and answer period.Then you could have your random drawing to promote the hobby and I'm still promoting a blind vote for the Peoples Choice award. No tallies are shown to the board until after the votes have been counted. No award given.

  15. Keep the contest as is! Reward those models that are judged outstanding. People are bound to disagree and that is their right. However, everyone should agree that a forum like Imodeler showcases some very extraordinary talents and we all get some small reward in the good comments from our peers. Everyone would love to win a kit! That is good inspiration to do your best. Competition inspires excellence. I know for a fact that after 30 years of model building I still have to master certain aspects of the game and viewing all the wonderful contributions on this site improves your skill level ten fold. Keep the competition as is. I still want to win that elusive kit one day! 😉 Congrats to all those winners!

  16. Keep on keeping on! Lots of inspiration here, no change necessary. It's a privilege to be here.

  17. Great job everyone. Congrats to the winners, well deserved.. It feels a bit like a family, coming to this site everyday. More so than any other cause we are all so supportive. Awesome. 🙂

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