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Sink the Bismarck! 1941.5.27

May 8, 2019 · in Ships · · 31 · 7.4K

I used , which I completed three years ago, to make a diorama.

Scale ()
& 1/2000 Scale ()

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  1. The most wonderful sea diorama's I' ve ever seen.

    • Thank you so much.

      1 attached image. Click to enlarge.

  2. splendid work

  3. Simply amazing! You run out of adjectives to describe your work!

  4. Stunning piece of modeling - as always. 🙂

  5. Won-hui Lee, I feel your work is an almost perfect fusion of technical ability and artistic skills. I love the explosion scene, but the underwater diorama is utterly captivating. There is something haunting about ships that go down with so many men aboard. Maybe it’s the diver in me that finds it particularly touching, but your wreck of the Bismarck is a work of supreme talent.

    ‘Liked’ - very, very much.

  6. No adjectives either than awe can describe what I see on the pictures...simply mindblowing effects, but the sink wreckage is utterly amazing

  7. Incredible work on both. The fires and smoke are so realiztic.

  8. Fantastic before and after.

  9. incredible, spectacular, impressive, AMAZING
    You really have mastered the water theme and like the rest of your models at a very high level.


  10. Stunning work as always. You are a true master with these dios.

  11. You Sir have some serious talent! I love modern history and your Dioramas bring it to life better than any painting or picture. Well done!
    A side note, if you ever go up to Panmunjom on the tour, please give a few seconds of remembrance at Jang barracks to my comrade CPL. Jang Myong-ki. A very brave ROK soldier who is very much remembered to this day by those of us who served with him at the UNCSG-JSA.

  12. W.O.W.

    Amazing, my friend. Ditto on all the praise above.

  13. Same as above! Beautiful work.

  14. Fantastic, in this scale, quite a feat!

  15. Excellent!
    This is another evocative and inspiring gem in your collection. I wager you can light your room with exploding ships only! 

  16. Fantastic as always!

  17. Spectacular!

  18. These guys have said it all, but I want to echo it. Fantastic dioramas!

  19. It seems such a waste to hide the excellently executed model under all that resin and smoke, but HOLY COW, what a scene you have created! I love those side shots where you see the majority of the hull under the water, and as all have said above, it's all so realistic - the ethos of the moment just hangs suspended...

    And the underwater dio is just haunting.

    Superb work, masterful creativity.

  20. That’s a work of art mate! The sunken ship looks amazing as well... it has an eerie feel to it.

  21. Wow absolutely amazing.

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