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Airfix 1/72 Mustang P-51D with wrong decals

June 24, 2019 · in Uncategorized · · 10 · 1.9K

Hi There,

It was decided by Innis that our next project would be a , but an RAF one. I had a couple of Mustangs picked up from Aldi, but no RAF decals. I managed to get some cheaply but they were for a Mustang III.

Still, The Wee Manny would like an RAF version so these were used.

The kit was finished quickly as he wanted it done before his Holiday and we had a couple of minor disasters. He was doing a panel line wash whilst I was in the Kitchen cooking Enchiladas and I lost track of the time so the wash was an absolute nightmare to get off cleanly.

My fault entirely as was spilling glue on the nose when I was fitting the undercarriage which the melted the Sharkmouth decal. I covered it up as much as I could and to be fair it looks ok from three feet away.

So, here it is, warts and all with 's famous wonky Mustang undercarriage and a toothpick aerial as the kit ones were so badly moulded and flashed they were unusable and stuck on a base made from the cover of a scented candle from B&M.

After he returns from his holiday he is very, very excited to get started on another Mustang. This time an Egg Plane version very kindly sent to him by @dirtylittlefokker.

Thanks for looking.

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  1. Alistair, your Mustang ... "warts and all" looks great! I've always like the look of the RAF P-51 ponies.

    Innis should be proud!

  2. I like the Pony, but am a bit baffled by "chuffed!" There is a term I've not heard before, even hanging out here with all my Brit friends! I really need to know this one, as it seems like one I need to spring on my 16-year-old, know-it-all son who is always spring new lingo on me!

  3. Very nice Mustang.

  4. 🙂 … Greetings … 🙂 :
    Nice work on that Mustang, Alistair, good work on the camouflage , for sure it set"s it apart.

  5. Great work, Alistair. Utterly ‘braw’. ‘Barry’, even...



  6. This Teuchter thanks you

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