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Heller, Sherman M4A2 in 1/72

Hi guys, here is my Heller 1/72 Sherman M4A2. this is a beautiful kit that was build almost straight out of the box, colors and weathering effects by Ammo-Mig and Tamiya. Have a great day everyone 🙂

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22 responses to Heller, Sherman M4A2 in 1/72

  1. That is great looking! Heller kits are scarce on the ground here in the US.

  2. Sharp lookin’ build, sir…..very nice work !

  3. Lovely work in 1/72 Allon.
    Nice to see the French markings !

  4. Very nice! I was already thinking it looked great, but then noticed the “1/72.” Excellent in that scale.

  5. Very realistic for such a small scale.

  6. Wow, Heller and quality model isn’t our everyday meal. All on you did a terrific job with this tiny tank, it looks the real thing, trust me.

  7. Beautifully done in 72nd. Hell, beautifully done in ANY scale. As David said, it’s nice to see the French markings.


  8. Fantastic work and nice in those French markings.

  9. 1/72? I would of thought larger, great job!!

  10. 🙂 … Greetings … 🙂 )
    For a model in that scale … very nice work and handling of this build Allon. Very convincing.

  11. Outstanding work, Allon!

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