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Leftover Sherman


This Sherman is made out of leftovers from other kits. Lower Hull is Tamiya. Upper Hull italeri. Turret Dragon and suspension academy. I added some resin stowage and scratch built the sandbags.
Painting Tamiya olivedrab with Lifecolor shading.
Glitsa satin varnish. Weathering with mig pigment.

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9 responses to Leftover Sherman

  1. Well Yves, that’s a pretty nice leftover makeshift. Splendid work overall

  2. Good clean build, sir….nice work.

  3. I like it ……………… a LOT !!!
    Well done.

  4. Great work, Yves!
    Couldn’t you call Mig pigment “Migment?”

    Sorry. Sometime I just can’t help myself! LoL!

  5. Pun of the day goes to Mr. Jeff Bailey, who’s sense of humour may just be a pigment of his own imagination.

    Good one, @mikegolf

  6. Oh, p.s. brilliant Sherman!


  7. Very nice Yves! Great way to use the leftovers.

  8. Well why not?! Well done!

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