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Tamiya bf. 109 G-6 : a lesser knowned ace

June 26, 2019 · in Aviation · · 47 · 3K

Wolf-Udo Ettel is one of several lesser known fighter aces of the Luftwaffe. Achieving his Iron Cross in June 1943 after claiming his 120th victory in Russia. A few days later he was transferred to Italy, commanding 8./JG27, proceeding to shoot down both fighters and bombers (B-24s included). However in July 17th, while strafing ground targets his mount, black 6, was shot down by AA, Wolf perishing in the crashing. His final score was 124 victories.

This is the kit, released last year, featuring accurate dimensions and some innovative gimmicks that allow the modeler to depict the plane with open engine hood, or closed, providing parts and decals to have both options made. The parts are interchangeable due to small magnets that bond the moveable parts without the need of any glue.

Now, since I found the engine plastic the best I've seen around, I decided to detail the whole power egg as much as I could and knew. Later on I came to the conclusion that if one adds cables and pipes the interchangeable factor is lost.

Decals came form my stash, although I did use the kits wing crosses for the the lower wings and found them far better than Tamiya usual thick decal film. These are thinner and blend the surface details quite well. Not so for the stencils I'm afraid, avoid them if you can.

100 hours work, mostly for the engine parts and the weathering, but I had great fun with it, even though it languished for months in the shelf after initial assembly, entirely my fault I say

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  1. OK, now, that is just plain ridiculous fantastic modeling. A true feast for the eyes, Pedro.

  2. Great work Pedro! I've got my kit on the short list of up- coming projects.

  3. Wow... that is an excellent paint job

  4. Beautiful work, Pedro!

  5. Great job Pedro, was looking fwd to this entry in the main feed! Liked!

  6. Ok,blunt and to the point, "Model of the Month" material. Exquisit is a good word to use.

  7. Pedro. A masterpiece of modeling in 1/48, or any scale. Considering how many Emils, Friedrichs, and Gustavs I’ve seen, for a 109 to blow my socks off, THAT’S an achievement. This is beautifully done, in every single way.

    Kudos, Pedro. Lots of it.

    ‘Liked’ ‘liked’ ‘Liked’ ‘liked’ ‘Liked’

    • David, my friend, you certainly have a way with words. No other compliment beats your analogy 🙂 and I must say I share the same feeling when I look at a model of a kit/subject done to death like Messerschmitts/Spitfires or Mustangs. Once every now and then one grabs our attention tight? Glad mine did. Oh btw the B&W photo included is your fault

  8. Yes, exquisite is the proper word indeed! Congratulations!

  9. A really nice Messerschmitt. Well done Pedro.

  10. Time spent on the engine and interiors really shows - all of the painting is first class!

  11. Superb modelling!

  12. Absolute perfect masterpiece. Congratulations!

  13. wow very nice job!

  14. Superb Pedro!

  15. I can but only concur with the masses, sir...stunning build indeed.

  16. All of the above, super craftsmanship!

  17. Hi, Pedro!
    It's a very best. I want to master some day yours skill, especially of weathering,

  18. I have been watching you work your magic on this one from the very beginning. I’m extremely impressed with the way it looks. This one is “Model of the Month” material for sure. The extra attention to detail that you added to the engine (and office) makes this one stand head and shoulders above the rest. We see a lot of 109’s built and posted on here, but I sincerely believe that this is the best one yet !

    It looks like you went back in time, brought a prime 109 back with you and shrunk it down to 1/48 scale. Seriously it’s that good.

    You can never have too many... 😉 and these new tool Tamiya 109’s are really nice. I have 3 of them in the stash and hopefully I’ll get to them soon.

    I have been watching for you to post this one since you recently mentioned that you finished it up. You must be very proud of this one... and you should be.

    Well done my friend and “Liked”.

    • Thanks for the support during this build Louis, never got around to say it but it’s true.
      About that “can’t have too many 109s”, let me tell you that I’m on sabbatic leave from 109s. Built a few during the last year or so, and this one drained my creativity on the subject. Still have 2 German planes on the bench, but I’ll be focusing some American or British planes for a time.

  19. The photography alone is spectacular! Well Done!

  20. 🙂 … Greetings … 🙂 :
    Stunning work Pedro, spectacular work on the weathering and the photography is so well done. A joy to see, thanks.

  21. Another excelent model Pedro!

  22. Everything about it is superb: paint, weathering, detail & of course the kit.
    The extra factor is the talent put into the finished product, & you have it!
    A beautiful job: congratulations!

  23. Thank you for such a warm feedback Tony

  24. Wow! Looks outstanding! The engine just blows me away. You're a master!

  25. Spetacular build! I have this one in the stash and yours is surely is an inspiration.

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