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1/700 IJN Destroyer Asashio

Hello fellow modelers,

This is the IJN Destroyer Asashio, my 5th attempt at 1/700 scale modelling.

My first three 1/700 builds were just straight out of the box build, then I discovered the wonderful world of aftermarket super detailed PE sets, so I brought a full detailed set. Unfortunately that build turned into a disaster because I dropped it upside down from desk height… It was a traumatic experience when you see your hard work turned into a pile of unrecoverable plastic and brass. But on the bright side, I had all these unused PE parts for IJN ship.

3 years has passed, when I saw this little kit on sale in the hobby store I gathered my courage to build another 1/700 scale ship in hope of using those left over PE parts that’s been haunting me in my model stash.

I’m still at the stage trying to prefect my skills working with PE parts, so I didn’t pursue on historical accuracy. E.g. the funnel shroud was made using one of those IJN motor boat cage, so it doesn’t have the correct pattern; the skid beams are made out of ladders with railings cut off; the AA gun railings shouldn’t be that high etc etc.

The biggest challenge for me is the twin type 96 AA gun. They were left over from the Aoba set. I really thought I’m going to be blind after that. By miracle, I only screwed up 1 out of the 3 left over, and this ship only need two.

Otherwise I think it’s a successful build, maybe one day when I learn how to make water I can turn it into a diorama.

I also want to thank Ebroin Song because I watched his video and I learned many nice techniques.

I been following this website for awhile, i’m glad i have something to share with now!

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12 responses to 1/700 IJN Destroyer Asashio

  1. Alex, Welcome. She looks great!!! Yes, photo etch really sets off ship builds, especially 1/700. And you did a really nice job.

  2. Excellent work. I don’t think I could pull that off with a magnifier.


  3. A great first post – nice work – welcome to the site.

  4. a really nice ship, great work!

  5. Nice work, great result. You guys who model in 1/700 must have transplanted eagle’s eyes.

  6. A lovely build. I can’t imagine working in that scale, or with so much PE. Well done!

  7. Excellent work, Alex!

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