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Just finished I am rather glad that I…

Just finished!
I am rather glad that I could belly-land this stricken project… Problems did not only arouse around the work with the Resin parts, more challenging was the Italeri-kit itself. Uff, done!
I have adapted the diameter of the cowling front to make the prop fit, scratched the Venturi beneath the cockpit and installed a “pole”-style antenna mast made of brass tube. Iliads decals are a dream to work with.

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10 responses to Just finished I am rather glad that I…

  1. Read somewhere that one of the perks of this kit was the diameter of the cowl, looking at your model no one would know, itโ€™s a fantastic model Roland

  2. Roland, that Hurricane turn out rather well. For some reason when I make an attempt at modeling the Hurri I end up putting it aside … the more you know about the subject the more questions to ask about it.

    Great painting, prop , early style exhaust, antenna and the lack of the bottom skeg or fin. Now add the modified tail …Two thumbs up.

  3. What a great outcome! This kit is a lot of hard work, indeed.

  4. REALLY well done, Roland! I like it all!

  5. Many thanks to all of you – this motivates to put a rather elaborate model on the worktable again soon! Pedro, actually the diameter of the hood is out of proportion – I had to trick a little and hollow out the hood end in front. But by chance there was even an urgently needed improvement of the appearance ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. A very nice, clean build! Well done.

  7. Really nice! What scale?

  8. Thank you Greg and Tom! Here Italeris kit in 1:48 was used as starting point.

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