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CC-138 Twin Otter Canadian Air Force.

Short Take OFF and Landing (STOL) capability. The CAF is still operating 4 Twin Otters,
that are stationed in Yellowknife (Northern Territory).
Tasking: SAR, logistics and communication flights.
Able to land on: Water (Floats) / Snow (Skis) Rough terrain with kind of balloon tires.
Can take 20 passengers or 3000 kilos cargo.
Propulsion: Two Pratt & Whitney turboprop PTA-6A-27 engines.
Endurance: 1400 kilometer with a speed of 325 KM/H.
Total max. take-off weight: 6350 kilo. Max. ceiling 8250 meter.

Kit: Matchbox/Revell (Bought in bazar for 5 Euro). Build OOB.
Paint XTRA Color
Figurines: Preiser
The base: ESCI and can be covered with a plastic top
The snow: Build up from wood glue and finished with precision Ice and Snow from Krycell.

UNIMOG 419 (Small Emplacement Excavator)
Specially designed for the US Army. Withdrawn from service and widely available as second hand item
It contains a loader, backhoe and auxiliary hydraulics.
Four wheel drive with front and rear locking differentials.
Mercedes 110 hp diesel engine with 16 forward and 8 reverse speeds.
Speed on the road 40 MPH with attachments.
Kit: Planet Models (CMK website) Build OOB.

Yellowknife runway has been cleared by the Unimog and the Twin Otter has been replaced from the hangar to the runway. For another day of service in a very harsh climate. Due to area of operations, skis are attached.


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15 responses

  1. Very nicely done, my friend...that outdoor setting really shows it off well.

  2. beautiful work...reminds me of "Ice Pilots"... paint is gorgeous and the antennae and handrail

  3. Looks excellent Dirk! The snow is very convincing, and the plane is a colorful beauty.

  4. Wow! you can just feel the cold, excellent job! It's great to see one of your posts again.

  5. A very nice diorama. The Twin Otter stands out in the CAF Chrome Yellow SAR scheme.

  6. Cool looking diorama Dirk, well done.

  7. Looks great Dirk !

  8. Really (n)ice indeed. Lots of details on the yellow bird. You have managed to get the photos looking that awfully cold and hard, like the bluish tint.

  9. Well Done all around!

  10. Super cool. Love the ice effect.

  11. Anyone who has built the Revell Twin Otter knows that it is pretty basic, but your paint job and diorama setting make this kit a standout. Great job.

  12. Sooo Coool.. Having spent 10 years in Greenland AND having had the pleasure of some flights in "twotters" this really is a trip down memory lane for me. Like the details - that snow is so convincing, - and the detail of the loaded undercarriage is just so cool. Well done!

  13. VERY well done! It's very real looking.


  14. Hello Imodelers,
    Thanks for responding so positive on my "little"diorama. It was a pleasure to construct it and also my first time creating a mass snow environment.

    I forgot to mention, that before applying the Krycell snow powder, it has to be treated with (Lady's) hairspray to create stickiness for the powder to hold on to. The Krycell fluids are creating the ice puddles and turn it slightly blue.
    Regards to all Imodelers,
    The Netherlands.

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