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Part 3 F2G Corsair Cockpit.

This is my final rendition of the scale F2G Cockpit. Some photo's have different dates on them. Another modeler who had his own "cast-resin" company and I got together and I made some "master" parts, then he cast them for me. He and his business partner sold a 1/32 scale F2G conversion kit which fit with the old 1/32 scale -1A kit.

The unpainted finished cockpit slid into the fuselage and was glued in place. The right side of the model was not painted 'cause I wanted to show what I did to it when I took it to 2 of our IPMS/USA monthly club meeting and to some of the contest's here in Northern California. All of the red/black and unpainted handles moved just like in the real airplane. I did not make the foot pedals, nor the canopy movable.

Remember that an American "penny" is only 19mm/3/4" in diameter which let's you know that some of my hand made parts are SMALL!

Coffee time...RJW

20 additional images. Click to enlarge.

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  1. Thanks again. It cannot get better than this!

  2. Man oh Man, you sure can scratch build, just fantastic, I know the effort it takes to do this, hats off to you Sir.

  3. long time I follow your works, its always a pleasure.

  4. Marc & Roberto:

    Many thank "U's" just build something like this. I have the tail wheel section to post soon. I still have the model here, however I painted it in the racing colors of #74 that I saw in Cleveland, Ohio in 1949 and again in 2005 down at the CAF Museum in Mesa, Arizona. The real #74 crashed at an airport while practicing for an up and coming airshow in 2011,(?).

  5. Hello Rodney. @f2g1d

    Thanks for sharing these photos and tips with us. I remember reading several of your F2G articles that were posted over at another website years ago. I have always been very impressed with your work and attention to details. I remember the unfortunate crash of Race #74 too. I believe that Bob Odegard was killed, and he was instrumental in getting Race #74 and Race #57 back in the air. What a tragic loss of man and machine.

  6. Louis: Me tooooooooo! Yes...Bob died in the crash of #74 and I got photos of what remained of 74. In 2005 I went to the IPMS-USA/Phoenix, Arizona contest that was held at the CAF Museum in Mesa, AZ///// (20+ miles east of Phoenix). To my surprise the finished "REAL" F2G Corsair, racer #74 was sitting in the hanger and you could walk right up to it. I took lot's of color digital images of #74, then put them on a DVD digital disk on my Apple P.C.

    I saw it at the Cleveland, Ohio race's in 1949, then at Walter's home in Newbury, Ohio. It was laying out in the open rotting away.

    I have been a member of the "Society of Air Race Historians," (SARH) since 1984. Our newsletter's kept us members up to date on everything and somewhere along the trail, we got news about #57 being rebuilt and presented to the world at the 1999 "fly-in" up in OshKosh, WI. I kept in email mode with Bob Odegaard who ,along with his team was restoring 57 ,then 74. WOW!

    The DVD that I sent you has all the F2G stuff on it, (1945-2007) but as we both found out that when I send out DVD's that were made on my Apple, you have to have an Apple p.c. to open the disk.

    I took time last week to break down the DVD and now I have a couple dozen "folders" full of F2G stuff. I could only put about 30 GB's in each folder...
    I'll take some time this week to send you the folders so make sure you have lots of available GB space on your p.c.


  7. Wow! spent so much time looking at all the details.
    Definitely the scratchbuilding is so great and the result, when mastered, is great and impressive as on your pictures. Bravo!

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